Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Breakfast Place : Pink Sage Diner

finally... The Pink Sage Diner came to me instead of me going to them!

Ages ago when I was craving for good pancakes in KL, I surfed the blogs and found write up's on this place. Unfortunately the one attempt we had one earely morning ended up in dispair because it was so difficult to locae Dang Wangi KL even though we had a gps! Our circling around KL that time ended up in Delicious Dua for breakfast instead becof my frustration.
well... Now things have changed. I was pleasantly surprised to see The Pink Sage Diner at Solaris Dutamas, which is nearby Mont Kiara. On Sunday breakfast we gave it a try and was not disappointed.

I had the banana pancakes and hazelnut coffee. Hubby had the Stack breakfast with flat white coffee. Plus an additional apple juice (because they ran out of orange juice... Hmm needs improvement there).

Food quality was good. I found it personally better than our pricey La Bodega breakfasts.

It is yet still to be filled up by customers maybe because simply they don't know they are open at 8am.

Breakfast bill came out Rm 58.65

The staff and waiters need some improvement though... The cleaner was mopping the floor even though she saw that we were sitting waiting for our breakfast and we could smell the chemical or whatever they put into that bucket of water to wipe the floor. The waiters could cheer up a little as they look bored and neutral... I guess for a diner ambience I was looking for the usual cheerful staff that comes with it.

The address of Pink Sage Diner
A4- UG1 - 01 Solaris Dutamas

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