Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Boracay: how to get there from Malaysia

Ahh... the superb sand of Boracay (Philippines). Perfect weather. Sunny all year. Superb temperature as you jump into the clear waters of Boracay. My recent re-visit to the island was another good experience. The sincere service given by Pinoys (or Filipinos), plus the affordability and great location -- makes up a good vacation.

The Malaysians and expats in Malaysia always ask me about Boracay. How to get there. How much. What is Boracay.

Few bullet points:
  • I am a spoiled brat when it comes to beach quality and water temperature & clarity. This is because going to Boaracy spoiled me and made the standards so high!
  • Every cent you spend on Boracay trip will surely be worth it. Be it single person looking for adventure, party and getaway. Be it couples on honeymoon or lovey-dovey trip. Be it group of friends who want a getaway with adventure and food trip and diving.
  • Of course, this also depends on where you stay. Different hotels are differently priced. And if you stay in a ultra cheap place, well, maybe you won't have the super-duper service or experience,,, but honestly I don't think that will stop you from having a great time either
  • GOOD NEWS on flights. On our recent trip to Manila and Boracay (last September 2010), we took the CEBU PACIFIC flight. And we noticed that it now lands into the "new" airport Terminal 3. This means this is the same airport as the domestic flights that go to Boracay! So for Malaysians who fly to Philippines just for a Boracay trip.. this is what you do.... KUALA LUMPUR --> MANILA (there is only 1 flight out, which leaves 1am from KL and arrives 5am in Manila). You stay at the same airport, take your breakfast. Then catch a domestic flight to CATICLAN BORACAY. There are a number of different airlines you can catch. Check online (this shows a list of different airlines and flight times). Some airlines I have tried: Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, SeaAir and Asian Spirit. So many options to make sure you catch a direct flight instead of staying overnight in Manila
  • The flight from Manila to Caticlan Boracay is just 1 hour!
  • Then there will be a short ferry/ boat ride, then a car ride. This is slightly different from my past experience which is outdated now. Things seem to have a changed a bit.. modernization!
  • My personal recommended hotel (tried and tested, to avoid disappointment!!!!) I will arrange in order from Best to Good : Discovery Shores Boracay (perfect even if you have a baby !!!), SeaWind,  and Waling Waling. These are all located in Station 1 (the best side of the long stretch of beach in Boracay)

Happy trip! I swear ,,,, you will enjoy your visit to Boracay. My personal favorite despite all the other travels. Or maybe I haven't discovered some of the other superb beaches??? If you know any, do let me know!

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