Saturday, April 30, 2011

Buying Food at the Market

Oftentimes I would buy our supply of food at the favorite supermarkets. They pack everything nicely and neatly, which also means they charge us accordingly.

A friend long ago informed me of TTDI market and everytime I visited that wet market, it has always been a pleasant experience. The prices are always so reasonable. The place kept clean. Access to fresh PORK at the basement floor. Beautiful fresh veggies.

Highly recommended to all mothers who want to buy fresh food at reasonable price. They have a parking lot at basement with very cheap parking rate (I usually paid no more than 50 cents).

I bought 20pcs of chicken wings today and I asked them to cut it in half. The 20 big pieces costs rm23. Planning a little party get together with some friends for tomorrow that's why I bought so much!

You can also access superb fruits. Fresh flowers. Nice, different types of fishes and shrimp.

And to top it off, everything is always packed nice and neat for you. They really do give good service... So for expats who used to be afraid of "wet market", this place may surprise you!

Jalan Wan Kadir 2, TTDI
Usually when you mention TTDI market people are familiar with it.

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