Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A Place for Kids

For parents looking for a fun place to go whatever the weather, you can always check out Bangsar.

Bangsar Village 2 has a place called KizSports where children (and even toddlers) can exhaust their energy. They charge RM10- per child. What is even better is that my favorite restaurant (when I was pregnant & doing pregnancy yoga) Fit For 2 is right in front. So you would see many mothers with children having lunch at that place. I suggest weekdays visit because weekends can be too packed, and your child might get trampled by the big kids.

Another place is Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) where you will find Jungle Gym. They don't charge for children below 2yrs old.

Personally I prefer KizSports bec it is more toddler friendly. They also have some hired help who help to look around & watch the kids.

Mommies and daddies can then have a relaxing afternoon once the kids are too tired and knocked out (asleep) in their strollers after a few hours of running around.

A nice way to spend the late morning til around after lunch. Ahhhh the mommy life is so different (and rewarding). Living in KL makes parenthood easy and fun.

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  1. Hi.. Glad to read that you are happy in Malaysia. I came across your blog while doing blog walking. I just want to share with you that you also can bring your kids to Critterland which located in Heritage Village, juts in front of The Mines shopping fair. You can go to their website Even if you google also, you can find lots of wonderful pictures and good review of this place. :)

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thanks so much for the info.. i really have not yet heard of that place,. will check it out one day... though Mines is really far from my place. thanks again...


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