Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Malaysia Resident Pass - New Solution for Expats to stay in Malaysia

To all fellow expats and other people who may be interested to stay in Malaysia for the long-term, we finally have a new pass or visa ... which was recently launched. A friend of mine told me about it and today (June 1, 2011) I am planning to put together all the requirements so that we (me and my family) can get a 10-years visa to live & work in MALAYSIA!

It is a wonderful product called RESIDENTS PASS, which the Malaysian Government launched. They want to retain and keep foreign talents which will help Malaysia grow its economy. More details can be found at their website or you can even contact them at Telephone Number +603-83153195 or email their helpdesk at

I myself am going thru the process right now so I cannot share the full experience yet. I just wanted to share this exciting news to qualifying expats who want to stay for a long time.

Incidentally, they came to interview me when they were launching the article on the Resident Pass (article will be featured at the June 2011 Expat Magazine). I am sharing a copy below... not sure if it will be very clear since i turned the PDF file into JPEG.

Lastly, bear in mind that there are certain requirements and qualifications needed to get the visa. I suggest you read the website closely and then start emailing/asking questions via their contact details.

Best of luck to you! I will post my experience and results in due time.

Expat Magazine Article June 2011 - Resident Pass


  1. Great read, thanks !
    With only expatriates from the group 4 eligible to apply, this sounds like an options for expats who are staying long term here but are not married (or willing to) to a Malaysian. A good move IMHO as it enables expats to switch employer easier, and let their spouse join the work force (added taxes !)

  2. Hi Malaysian Expat, thanks for dropping by. I seriously believe the govt is moving in the right direction with this, especially as there are many spouses of expats who are skilled and would like to work... And contribute to the economy of Malaysia

  3. Hi Pinkaddict,

    I suggest you to consider a PR instead of RP.

    I am currently in the process of PR.


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  6. This one ok, but how many foreign people getting salary yearly RM 144000 to apply RP? and y continuously 3years? sometimes we will get 2,3 months gap, in between 5 years, then how? and y local people assurance? who will give assure to foreigner? these rules will change in near future?

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