Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Resident Pass Update: after approval what's next?

We were ecstatic when we saw online that our RP application was approved. I waited 2 days to see if they will contact me, but I didn't hear from them... so I decided to drop them an email. They promptly replied to the email congratulating me on the application approval. And they stated the additional requirements needed which I have to prepare (together with the payment submission). It took me another 1 week to put all requirements together. Fortunately, I was very inquisitive about the requirements because I did not want to waste my time (and drive all the way to Cyberjaya which is 1-hour away from Mont Kiara) with incomplete documents!

In the email, they stated the balance payment that is due to Talent Corp as well as another fee which is due to the Immigration of Malaysia.

Sharing with you the total costs so that you have an idea:

1. When we applied online, we had to send an initial RM600 to Talent Corp -- this is just to cover processing fees. One will need to prepare a BANK DRAFT for the payment and they do not accept anything else. The RM600 covered for myself, my husband and for my daughter.

2. After the email approval, I had to go to the bank and prepare 4 BANK DRAFTS:
a. TALENT CORP - had to pay RM4,900 in total for the balance due to them which covers me, husband and daughter
b. IMMIGRATION - we had to pay different fees because this depends on your nationality. Because my passport is CHINA, the fees were higher than my hubby's and daughter's (French). Plus all the payments need to be separate --- meaning 1 check per person. So total of 3 bank drafts payable to Immigration. Mine was RM650. Hubby and Daughter was RM 564.50 each.

All I can advise is to make sure you clear our all the requirements to avoid delay (and even a disappointing trip to Cyberjaya!) It almost happened to me, as the email only asked for "passport picture with blue background" and it stated they needed only MY picture. We were doubtful of that, so we sent an email to clarify. True enough, we needed Picture with BLUE BACKGROUND for all of us. That meant 2 trips to Bangsar Shopping Centre for us ... all because they were not too clear about the additional requirements.

Another thing to note: If your spouse is working and have an existing work permit, you will also need a company letter from your spouse's company -- the NO OBJECTION LETTER needs to be submitted together with the payment. They wanted the original copies of the no objection letter -- so make sure this is also prepared!

The drive to Cyberjaya was smooth. The GPS took me straight to the eXpats office. It was a pleasant surprise to see they have allocated special parking for eXpats clients who are there to submit documents. Unfortunately no one told me that so i parked so far away. Well, next time I will park at the special parking.

I went to submit our passports, No Objection Letters, passport pictures with blue background, our wedding certificate which was certified true copy by the Singapore embassy, plus another document which they sent (it was in Bahasa Malaysia)... they wanted my local contact to sign on that form.

The submission was easy. The place was nice, with aircon and newspaper and even coffee machine, internet, and TV. It was not a long wait.

After she checked all the documents, they handed me the receipt for the Talent Corp payment. Plus 3 signed documents which were ready -- these are to be used in case of any emergency -- as we dont have our passports with us. It states that we have RP approval and our passports are under processing.

It has been 3 working days since my submission. Let's see how long it will take for them to call me and allow me to collect our passports with our Resident Pass!

By the way -- the visa they will stamp is for 5 years only. That is the max that the gov't is giving. It will be 5-yrs visa with additional 5 years after the expiry ... so it will be total of 10 years... but that means after 5 years we need to go back for stamping again (and probably some fees). Just so you know what to expect!

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Resident Pass Approved!!!

I just wanted to share the good news with you... As of today, July 1, my application for the RP has been approved. I submitted all documents online first week of June. Then there was an auto reply from them sent to my email which asked me to pay the fees for processing. If you process for 1 person, that is RM 200. Which means if you process for yourself, your spouse plus one child, it will cost rm600 in total.

I sent a follow up email asking the status around mid-June. I got a prompt reply saying they received the payment and still reviewing my submission. They also mentioned that my case is being reviewed and I should know results by July 1.

The morning of July 1, hubby checked online to see what is the status. It still said "application in progress". When he checked in the afternoon, it said "application approved". Wow... Happy to hear that! Now we are awaiting the next steps... Probably they will send email to ask us to pay the remaining fees for the 10-yr visa processing? Will keep you posted once I get some news next week.

Meanwhile... All the best to you, if you are planning to get the RP! It has been a pleasant experience for me.
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