Friday, July 01, 2011

Resident Pass Approved!!!

I just wanted to share the good news with you... As of today, July 1, my application for the RP has been approved. I submitted all documents online first week of June. Then there was an auto reply from them sent to my email which asked me to pay the fees for processing. If you process for 1 person, that is RM 200. Which means if you process for yourself, your spouse plus one child, it will cost rm600 in total.

I sent a follow up email asking the status around mid-June. I got a prompt reply saying they received the payment and still reviewing my submission. They also mentioned that my case is being reviewed and I should know results by July 1.

The morning of July 1, hubby checked online to see what is the status. It still said "application in progress". When he checked in the afternoon, it said "application approved". Wow... Happy to hear that! Now we are awaiting the next steps... Probably they will send email to ask us to pay the remaining fees for the 10-yr visa processing? Will keep you posted once I get some news next week.

Meanwhile... All the best to you, if you are planning to get the RP! It has been a pleasant experience for me.
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