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Where to Bring Your Baby, Kids, Toddlers in Kuala Lumpur

I wrote this post way back, and decided to update it this 2013. My daughter is now 3 years old. And as time flies, we discover new places where you can bring our little one for some entertainment.

My daughter is turning 2 years old in a few months time. Lately, I found myself looking for activities and places that we could enjoy... Apart from the usual boring "jalan-jalan" around the shopping mall.

Some suggestions that I would like to share to other mommies out there:

1. KL bird park - this is a superb place as they have extensive beautiful birds. Some roam freely and you can observe them up-close. Easy access as this is in the heart of KL. For expats, I suggest bring your work permits or I-card or whatever proof you have that u r residing in Malaysia. Usually these places give you a discount on entrance fees.

KL Bird Park - will surely provide hours of entertainment
as you see our fine-feathered friends

2. Zoo Negara- as of July 2011, we went for a visit. I had mixed reviews from friends. Some said don't bother. Others said not bad. We went to see for ourselves and true enough, it is not bad! For a quick fix on seeing giraffes, elephants and lions, this place is worth visiting. I'm sure the kids will enjoy!

Short drive within the city - for your toddlers to see huge animals

3. Science Center- this is located near our place (mont kiara) and we wonder why we never went there for so many years... And the answer is because we didn't have a baby back then! For those with kids or toddlers, a visit to this science center will be fun (and cheap). Don't expect it to be like the Singapore science center though. Just go with low expectations and you will enjoy. They made a toddler area where they can run around. And our recent visit few weeks ago, there was the dinosaur exhibition which was interesting. Some of the science stuff were poorly maintained, while others were still okay and provided some entertainment to my little girl. Overall, not bad for a short visit to fill the weekend with something different.

Science Center Near Mont Kiara

Science Center Website in English HERE

4. TTDI park bukit kiara- this is a nice park where you can run around and see monkeys, turtles and fishes. Easy access. Great to visit on afternoons around 5-6pm where all the kids are out with their families. Make sure you bring mosquito repellant. It is a good place for them to run around freely. There is also a small playground with slides.

My earlier review of TTDI Park HERE

5. Acquaria KLCC- nice aquarium for children to see different fishes. Nicely located near Suria klcc mall which means you can have a nice lunch or meal after the fish visit. Plus go walk at the huge KLCC park!

6. Petrosains

Located at the top floor of Suria KLCC, this place will surely provide hours of entertainment for your little one. An indoor Science discovery centre, you can be assured they will be entertained at least minimum for 1.5 hours. The discovery starts with a dark ride (small contraption where 4-5 people can ride) as you enter the museum. They will discover lots of stuff about science as well as Oil rigs. If you have a little boy, I am sure he will enjoy learning about the oil industry and the stuff behind it. They also have a toddler area where they can roam around and play with rubber lego blocks (while parents sit and relax for a bit).

I made a more comprehensive review of Petrosains Discovery Centre here.

7. Farm in the City

This 2013, we went on a field trip with my daughter's school to Farm in the City. It is a fairly new place and well-maintained. I would recommend this place if your toddlers wants to touch or pet some of the animals -- especially if they like rabbits! Short drive within the city and good facilities. They have ample wash areas for you and your kids to clean your hands after petting. Also, it is not too smelly! They maintain the place well. Good for a morning visit so that it is not too hot.

Farm in the City - a worthwhile visit for toddlers where they can pet and touch the animals

I made a more comprehensive review on this place, you can check it out HERE.

Still discovering other places where I can bring my little girl. If you have suggestions please do let me know!

Resident Pass approved and released!

The Malaysian Government is definitely doing the right thing in retaining foreign talents. We are one of those who got the recently launched Resident Pass. After a week of preparation, 21- days processing, another 2 weeks for approval and release of pass, we finally have it!!! Our passports were stamped with the new RP pass. One of the surprise was the expiry dates were different for me, hubby and daughter.... Of course we just then realized that the initial pass they released (which is supposed to be a 5-yr pass) will have to follow the expiry dates of passport. So because hubby and daughter have earlier expiries, their passes are shorter than mine. I hope it won't be too problematic in transferring the RP to new passports... But that is a problem I will address 4 years from now.

Meanwhile, we are happy that we received it finally. We love Malaysia and we are happy we can stay for a long time.
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