Monday, August 01, 2011

Resident Pass approved and released!

The Malaysian Government is definitely doing the right thing in retaining foreign talents. We are one of those who got the recently launched Resident Pass. After a week of preparation, 21- days processing, another 2 weeks for approval and release of pass, we finally have it!!! Our passports were stamped with the new RP pass. One of the surprise was the expiry dates were different for me, hubby and daughter.... Of course we just then realized that the initial pass they released (which is supposed to be a 5-yr pass) will have to follow the expiry dates of passport. So because hubby and daughter have earlier expiries, their passes are shorter than mine. I hope it won't be too problematic in transferring the RP to new passports... But that is a problem I will address 4 years from now.

Meanwhile, we are happy that we received it finally. We love Malaysia and we are happy we can stay for a long time.
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