Thursday, September 22, 2011

Losing Weight After Pregnancy (better late than never!)

When I was pregnant with little Alex, I tried my very best to maintain an exercise regimen so that I would not 'accumulate' too much fat. I swam regularly, attended pregnancy yoga classes (at Fit For 2 in Bangsar) and I still hit the gym (albeit in an extra slow pace). I knew I had to keep active especially as I had Haagen Dazs craving every now and then... and for some weird reason when I hit the 7-8 months pregancy, there was sudden rush of craving for chocolates.

Post pregnancy ... I told myself I must lose weight and get back to my old clothes (which I have highly invested in!). I kept trying and trying my old Armani jeans (which I love to bits) and it depressed me to see that it took a lot of effort just to pull it up... it was near impossible to close the button on top bec of the excess tummy fat. Sigh... body changes after pregnancy!

I am happy to report that now I am almost back to my old self. I say almost because I noticed that I fit snuggly into once-upon-a-time slightly loose pants. I think despite the exercise I have done, I cannot really go back to my old self because the pregnancy sort of stretched you in so many ways.

Whenever I see my little girl and the happiness she brings... all this fat business is not important. Though I must admit, it is irritating to know you have grown bigger!

Some experience and advise that I could share to other mothers out there are stated below. What I share is mostly based on what I have done, tried and tested.

- Husband was very supportive, he bought me a whole Nike outfit set to get me motivated and started! That was very sweet of him. It really helped to push me to go for walks and hitting the gym.
- Lady Gaga -- her music really accompanied me in those moments at the treadmill -- she is awesome and gives me that burst of energy I need to push myself further!
- Apple iPod -- no workout is complete without music. It really brings me further in terms of minutes and pushing myself to do more (faster, better, longer). I find it hard to imagine when I see those people exercising without iPods... they must have really good motivation to keep up. I need my iPod!
- good pair of rubber shoes.... recently I bought a good pair at Nike (at the Curve) because the old one was worn-out. The new pinky pair I bought motivated me to bring it out more often on walks and runs.
- Again, I stress highly on the outfit. Don't go to the gym with very loose clothes or oversized t-shirts. Stick to fashionable cuts by Nike or Addidas. Seeing yourself in those good gym clothes can help motivate you further! It helps me a lot
- Swimming -- no sweating, plus you get to enjoy the sun! I love it... the only downside is when it rains in KL, the pool is too cold for me! Else, I usually have a good swim then after my 10 or 15 laps, I ask the maid to prep my baby so she can join me in the pool for some good fun
- Walking in the park : like I mentioned earlier, bringing her to TTDI is a sweaty work out in itself! Also, try running around with her in places like KidzSports or the new Kids E World at the Gardens Mall (i did that yesterday, superb place!)
- DISCIPLINE : i am guilty. Sometimes I lose my way. Sometimes I give in. I try to push myself to at least do 1-2 activities in a week. Ideally one should do minimum 3x per week. This September, I hit the gym almost EVERY SINGLE DAY... and I could clearly see the results. 30 mins on the treadmill plus another 15  minutes doing yoga poses, kicks and stretches.
- Diet: I am Asian, and I need to eat my rice and noodles. No diet on my side. I just try to hold back some of the urges (like ice cream, Gong Cha Bubble tea, and yummy cakes). It is HARD. I love my food. But when I remind myself I am not a spring chicken (young) anymore, I tend to think twice.

Overall, don't allow yourself to let the week pass by without at least 1-2 sweaty activity. The longer you allow yourself to not exercise, the harder it gets.

Lastly, if you can find a buddy or a friend who will meet up with you and do the exercise together -- that helps a lot, too!
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