Thursday, September 22, 2011

Losing Weight After Pregnancy (better late than never!)

When I was pregnant with little Alex, I tried my very best to maintain an exercise regimen so that I would not 'accumulate' too much fat. I swam regularly, attended pregnancy yoga classes (at Fit For 2 in Bangsar) and I still hit the gym (albeit in an extra slow pace). I knew I had to keep active especially as I had Haagen Dazs craving every now and then... and for some weird reason when I hit the 7-8 months pregancy, there was sudden rush of craving for chocolates.

Post pregnancy ... I told myself I must lose weight and get back to my old clothes (which I have highly invested in!). I kept trying and trying my old Armani jeans (which I love to bits) and it depressed me to see that it took a lot of effort just to pull it up... it was near impossible to close the button on top bec of the excess tummy fat. Sigh... body changes after pregnancy!

I am happy to report that now I am almost back to my old self. I say almost because I noticed that I fit snuggly into once-upon-a-time slightly loose pants. I think despite the exercise I have done, I cannot really go back to my old self because the pregnancy sort of stretched you in so many ways.

Whenever I see my little girl and the happiness she brings... all this fat business is not important. Though I must admit, it is irritating to know you have grown bigger!

Some experience and advise that I could share to other mothers out there are stated below. What I share is mostly based on what I have done, tried and tested.

- Husband was very supportive, he bought me a whole Nike outfit set to get me motivated and started! That was very sweet of him. It really helped to push me to go for walks and hitting the gym.
- Lady Gaga -- her music really accompanied me in those moments at the treadmill -- she is awesome and gives me that burst of energy I need to push myself further!
- Apple iPod -- no workout is complete without music. It really brings me further in terms of minutes and pushing myself to do more (faster, better, longer). I find it hard to imagine when I see those people exercising without iPods... they must have really good motivation to keep up. I need my iPod!
- good pair of rubber shoes.... recently I bought a good pair at Nike (at the Curve) because the old one was worn-out. The new pinky pair I bought motivated me to bring it out more often on walks and runs.
- Again, I stress highly on the outfit. Don't go to the gym with very loose clothes or oversized t-shirts. Stick to fashionable cuts by Nike or Addidas. Seeing yourself in those good gym clothes can help motivate you further! It helps me a lot
- Swimming -- no sweating, plus you get to enjoy the sun! I love it... the only downside is when it rains in KL, the pool is too cold for me! Else, I usually have a good swim then after my 10 or 15 laps, I ask the maid to prep my baby so she can join me in the pool for some good fun
- Walking in the park : like I mentioned earlier, bringing her to TTDI is a sweaty work out in itself! Also, try running around with her in places like KidzSports or the new Kids E World at the Gardens Mall (i did that yesterday, superb place!)
- DISCIPLINE : i am guilty. Sometimes I lose my way. Sometimes I give in. I try to push myself to at least do 1-2 activities in a week. Ideally one should do minimum 3x per week. This September, I hit the gym almost EVERY SINGLE DAY... and I could clearly see the results. 30 mins on the treadmill plus another 15  minutes doing yoga poses, kicks and stretches.
- Diet: I am Asian, and I need to eat my rice and noodles. No diet on my side. I just try to hold back some of the urges (like ice cream, Gong Cha Bubble tea, and yummy cakes). It is HARD. I love my food. But when I remind myself I am not a spring chicken (young) anymore, I tend to think twice.

Overall, don't allow yourself to let the week pass by without at least 1-2 sweaty activity. The longer you allow yourself to not exercise, the harder it gets.

Lastly, if you can find a buddy or a friend who will meet up with you and do the exercise together -- that helps a lot, too!


  1. Thanks for posting the blog!! Appreciate it!!

  2. hello kabayan!=)

    glad to have stumbled upon your site. im filchi as well and have been staying here since 02.

    hope we could keep in touch.=)

  3. Hi Karen, sure let us try to meet up for coffee one day?

  4. sure. maybe we can meetup at Gardens. i stay in shah alam area.. don't know if your familiar with the place..=)

    email me =)

  5. Hi there,

    How does one reduce stomach fat especially after one has given birth?? That is really the most difficult part..

  6. Hi Anonymous, I totally agree that the stomach is the hardest of all! My daughter will turn 2 pretty soon, and I have been able to recover my almost old self only recently... Though still with a little "lose fat" which will have a hard time going away due to the CS operation. I recently signed up for yoga class and coupled with running at the gym, this has been going for almost a month, I am seeing the results, it is hard to keep to everyday regime, but if you put your mind to it, you can do it, it took me a while to get to the routine. I used to make excuses. Do it every now and then. Now I try to do 6 out of 7 days in a week. I especially got more encouraged when I saw some results... It can really keep u going. Best of luck.

  7. Hi Pink Addict,

    Thanks for sharing, am very grateful!! Will keep exercising! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Most welcome and persevere ! Nothing is impossible. The amount of time and effort will surely yield results.

  9. Hi Pink Addict! I like your attitude regarding losing weight after birth giving. My experience was if you gave any excuse for one day then you will always find more excuses to skip more exercise. After my 1st kid was born, I forced myself to go to the gym just every day, and my weight was back to normal 1 year after. Now we just move to Mont Kiara, has not really found any good yoga class yet. I just registered in Sophia Center Mont Kiara Plaza. Do you have good places to recommend? Which one do you go to? I love yoga and Pilate. I think it not only helps to shape the body but also to keep the mum more calm, which is very important for "desperate" or "not so desperate" housewives. :-) Hope to hear from you!


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