Friday, October 14, 2011

Village Grocer vs Jusco and Mercato

In view of recent changes (full time mom), I started taking note of prices at the groceries. It has been a while since I got this detailed, and I was shocked at some of the prices of goods!

Most people associate Jusco with low price, just as I did. I discovered thatbin fact The Village Grocer (1 Mont Kiara) is somehow cheaper than Jusco. The bonus of going Village Grocer: free parking if you purchase RM 100 and above, less crowd and really wide aisles. Jusco can be a killer place on weekends and you will NOT want to be there with a baby stroller (pram).

The Drypers diaper (XL size) is RM 38 at Village Grocer while it was at RM 42++ at Jusco and Mercato! That is huge if you have to use tons of diapers!

Today I found out a huge shocker after visiting Mercato (Plaza Damas Hartamas Shopping centre). The gold label organic all-purpose flour was RM 17.99 while I bought it at Village grocer for RM 29.90!!! the difference is too much so I gave Village grocer a call to report this. They said they will call me back and investigate this matter. Let's see if they really call back.

Apart from the imported organic flour, the rest of the stuff like butter, Kraft shredded cheddar cheese, cheese (Danish baby cheese stick), and diapers were much cheaper at Village Grocer.

Overall, I had the perception that Village grocer is premium (due to it's outlet at Bangsar Village) but it turned out okay. I just hope they do something about that darn flour. They do carry quite a good selection of imported stuff that we like and need.

Anyway, I am sure in the end if one will average out the savings from different grocery stores maybe it will just balance out?


  1. Village grocer was very professional. They called back. And when I got there they gave me a refund. They explained there was a system error and their price was originally rm21

  2. I recently gave birth to my 3 months old daughter and I'm fully breastfeeding. I wonder if you can share some of your breastfeeding experience.

  3. thanks for the info!! got to check the prices of other stuffs too at Village grocer :)


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