Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Place for Enjoying Music

I'm writing this post as we drive home tonight. We enjoyed once again the beautiful acoustics and friendly place called No Black Tie. For music lovers or people looking for an evening of Live Music, you should check out their site for different music schedules. When I was pregnant last 2009, I desperately wanted to hear good, live Bossa Nova and was able to get it at No Black Tie. It was so beautiful that it brought me close to tears and goose bumps! Their small place has good acoustic and interior was made especially for good music.

Looking for a night out with hubby? This could be a place for you. They also serve Japanese food.

One time, me and hubby had dinner at nearby Neroteca (seriously porky place with good ham and cheese). Afterwards unwind with good music by walking to No Black Tie.

No Black Tie


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