Monday, January 09, 2012

JPJ Maju Junction : a pleasant experience

I'm currently here at JPJ Maju Junction. In my 5 yrs in Malaysia I have never gone to do our driver's license because we used to use a runner who charged us high fees! Now that I am a housewife I took an adventure and went to update hubby's driver license. It was a pleasant experience driving and waiting at JPJ. The queue was organised, ample seats, was easy to park, friendly and English speaking government staff. This is heaven compared to the land transportation offices in Manila!!! I was impressed with the service and location. Stress - free coming here! I also came to update the home address of our car registration cards (pink card) which had wrong info. Wrong address only means one thing: if you get a police summon or ticket, it will be sent to the wrong address! That already happened to us and we never received the ticket, and only found out when we were about to renew the car registration.

Overall, the efficiency and ambience were good. The 3 officers I interacted with were all pleasant and helpful! I would not hesitate to come back!


  1. hi, i am also a filipina here in kl and i just want to let you know that you can actually renew your driver's license at the post office. and for your road tax renewal and summons you can just check it online at myeg :).

  2. Pink Addict, you are lucky and this made your day. I am not demeriting government staff. Most of us has bad encounter with government servants. They need to be transformed and be conscious that their salary comes from the public through our income tax, and therefore, the public is their boss but they act as if they are the boss in their premises. Maintain your good luck and God bless.


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