Tuesday, January 17, 2012

KL Birdpark: Nice Morning With Toddler

Today is Tuesday which means no classes for my 2-yr old. Decided to spend the morning at the KL Birdpark as we haven't gone back for a year now. I searched their website and saw that Jusco card has discount for those with myKad. As a Resident Pass owner, we have our pink ID cards and I used that today. With those cards you can get a discount for entrance fees. 2 adults (plus Jusco card discount) amounted to rm35. My 2-yr old has free entrance. I remember spending close to rm200 a few years ago when 4 of us came to visit (we didn't bring our gold expat cards). Now I know and came prepared :)

We had a nice time walking around as Tuesdays are less crowded / busy. Mostly tourists and few locals. Nice weather as we start off our walk at 10am. Finished at 12noon and we left for Gardens Mall where we had our Filipino food fix at Pancake House.

Overall it is a nice 2-hr walk with your toddler. It can get hot so bring a hat and water. Lots and lots of birds around. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Hi! These are beautiful pictures! I was wondering... what is the gold expat card? And does it get you discounts at places like the Birdpark? As an expat wife, I do take visitors there occasionally and always pay the tourist price which can get quite expensive! Thanks for you help!

  2. Hi Valerie, the gold card that I mentioned is in fact the work permit card that the immigration gives. Your hubby probably has one. The problem is they don't give cards sometimes to defendants. I agree the tourist price can get pricey when you go there often. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sometimes I have seen places like the KL zoo giving discounts on certain occasions. Perhaps you can try to bring your passport with immigration sticker to see if you can get a discount (worth a try) at your next kl pirdpark visit.


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