Sunday, April 22, 2012

Antipodean KL Branch, spacious and great for toddlers

The second branch of Antipodean is certainly more family-friendly because of the sheer space it has at the Menara Tan and Tan building at Tun Razak. On a Sunday late lunch, there was a smaller crowd (compared to the packed Bangsar branch). Families with young kids will feel more relaxed and plus they have a kids' corner with a DVD player and tv. There were ample toys and the show playing that time was Smurfs.

Even the waiters were friendly and said hi to my daughter. Guess because there is less people than Bangsar, the staff were able to interact with customers. Our first lunch trial didn't disappoint. Daddy took chickpea salad which was tasty and I had a beef burger with cheese. Also tried the fish cake salmon and their apple pie.

Overall, a nice place for Sunday late lunch with great tasting coffee.

Parking was easy on a Sunday. We parked right outside for free. Guess it might be trickier on weekdays when the office building is packed.

Location can be found here
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