Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Bee @ Publika

Today we made the wrong choice. After a good lunch at Rakuzen Publika, we went to The Bee (at the far end of Publika, close to a Carpark entrance/ exit). The place was packed. Music was too loud.

Plus points
- had sofa, and mix of benches, tables, chairs which made it "homey"
- Lots of people, maybe food is good? Many expats and locals alike
- waitress changed the ultra-hardened old red velvet slice. We ordered a cupcake and instead she came with the wrong order. We gave it a go and was shocked with the bad quality. Oopsss... I'm supposed to be writing the plus points still...
- latte and cappuccino not bad, acceptable coffee
- thin biscotti came with coffee was nice

Bad points
- bad red velvet cake
- replaced with red velvet cupcake... Which was equally bad and ruined the moment for me!
- didn't serve coffee with tissue, had to ask for some!
- waitress was not knowledgable
- I asked for some milk for my daughter the waiter said yes, but never came with it
- music was too loud

Overall, I wouldn't go back. It would remind me of our ruined afternoon. Definitely there are other choices for afternoon coffee time at Publika with my hubby and daughter. Perhaps this The Bee is more suited for youngsters and people without toddlers with them.

Didn't bother taking pics of the place.

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