Saturday, May 05, 2012

Crocs Shoes Accident At Escalator BSC

After a nice late lunch at Pressroom in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), we walked around the neighborhood mall to kill time. When I went to the toilet at the ground floor (very near the drop off and photo shop / cake shop), I saw a mom carrying her crying little boy (about 4-5 years old). He was screaming and crying while the mom put him near the faucet to wash his foot. After I washed my hands I notices his foot was bleeding due to a big cut. I offered some band-aid (mommies are usually well-prepared). She sounded Australian and thanked me for it while struggling to calm down her boy. I noticed blood on the boy's Crocs shoe and inquired if it was because the escalator. The mom confirmed that the shoe got stuck on the side of the escalator and she said she also knew the warnings against the shoe brand. It was a horrible sight seeing all the blood oozing while the little boy cried.

After seeing thy incident I confirm that I will never buy Crocs for my little girl no matter what happens. Despite the warning I have seen before at shopping malls (like one utama) I did buy her one when she was smaller and she wore it often to play school. I warned the maid against using it at malls and yet there were moments when we just allowed her to wear I because we were going to the grocery for a short buy of necessities (at One Mont kiara). Now I realize what danger could have come upon my little girl's toe!

I am writing this to warn other parents out there. It is not because your kids are naughty at escalators. Simply, that shoe brand Crocs is DANGEROUS around shopping malls due to its design!

I saw it with my own eyes at BSC. Please spare your child from the same accident.

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