Monday, May 21, 2012

Healthy Ice Fruit Pops for Kids

It was a coincidence as I discovered this ice pop shop at Hartamas while I was having the car services at Lim Tayar place. The owner is a Malaysian married to an expat and she shared her story why she decided to open such a shop.

The ice pops were tasty and naturally sweet (no sugar added!!!) I sampled the banana strawberry and fell in love with it!

This is a great, yummy treat for my toddler who seems to be fascinated with ice cream nowadays. Unfortunately when she doesn't finish, mommy ends up finishing it. With this ice pop, I won't feel guilty!

Definitely a welcome change to the ice cream scene especially for kids. It is a good and healthier option to ice cream. Bought 8 sticks in 4 different flavors and can't wait to let hubby try them!

Nice ambience at their ice pop shop while I had hot lemongrass tea. A cutesy neighborhood cafe serving nice tea, pops and healthy food. A colorful place at the Hartamas neighborhood.
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