Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kidnap Case Update: Nayati's kidnappers caught!

I am relieved to hear that the Malaysian police were able to arrest the people behind the Nayati kidnapping. I hope this is enough to deter other criminals who may plot the same thing for quick money. The Mont Kiara neighborhood is such a wonderful place to walk, and it would be a shame if it becomes a dangerous place. Since the kidnapping incident, I noticed a lot more police assigned to the place. I see them every morning when I bring my daughter to her play school. I see them when I drive to work or when I drive to One Mont Kiara to do my groceries.

Do I feel safer? Well, I am happy to see them around there. Hopefully that should deter the other criminals. The question is how long will they deploy these police?

Below is an article I copied from Malaysian Digest online, in case you are interested to see an update of the kidnapping case. I also included a NST article below which spoke more about Nayati and his experience.

Malaysian Digest article

Wednesday, 09 May 2012 08:57
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 MAY, 2012: Police have arrested three men and a woman, believed to be involved in the kidnapping of a Dutch boy, Nayati Shamelin Moodliar on April 27. 
According to police sources, the suspects, aged between 30 to 50 were detained in separate operations in Perak and Cheras, Selangor since Sunday to early this morning. 
"Police recovered more than RM100,000 which was part of the ransom paid by Nayati's father (Sham Moodliar) and mother (Janice Smith)," said the source. 
Bukit Aman together with Kuala Lumpur police made the arrests and seized equipment such as laptops and mobile phones believed to be used by the suspects to negotiate with Nayati's parents for ransom. 
The source said police were waiting for the return of Nayati's family from their holiday so that their 12-year-old son would help police in identifying the suspects.
Nayati who was kidnapped when walking alone to the Mont Kiara International School near his home here, was found safe at the Sungai Buloh Rest Area along the North South Highway at 7.55am on May 3. 
Police are believed to be on the trail of another suspect who is still at large in the capital.
The source did not rule out the possibility that police would be closing in on him soon, based on information from police intelligence. 

NST article

KUALA LUMPUR : NAYATI Shamelin Moodliar did not allow himself to cry when he was in the clutches of his kidnappers.
"There was only once I cried a little... it was on April 30, my mum's birthday."
As soon as he said this yesterday, his mother, Janice, hugged him.
Speaking about his ordeal for the first time, he said he was confident that his father was looking for him.
"I knew daddy would get me home," he said, adding that it was this thought that kept him going.
When asked if he was afraid, the boy said initially he was but later grew confident that he would be rescued.
Nayati was kept in a room with a mattress, pillow and blanket. He also had a computer which screened movies. But he was not allowed to touch it.
As for meals, Nayati always asked for chicken rice.
"Each time they asked me what I wanted to eat, I said chicken rice, or sometimes it was just an apple."
Why chicken rice?
"My muay thai teacher told me that chicken would help build my body," he said.
He said he was allowed to shower, was given clothes and a toothbrush.
Nayati was released on May 3 after his father dropped off a ransom of RM300,000. The boy was driven to the Rawang rest area along the North-South Expressway where he was released.
A passer-by let Nayati use his handphone to contact his parents. A convoy of three cars, led by the Netherlands ambassador Paul Bekkers, drove to the rest area where the boy was found.
Several days later, police arrested six individuals in Perak and here. A seventh suspect was nabbed in Banting, Selangor.
Police are looking for another suspect said to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping. The 24-year-old escaped to Paris after Nayati's release.
It was reported that the mastermind had gone off on his honeymoon with his wife after collecting the ransom. His wife, however, came back last week after learning that the husband was wanted for Nayati's kidnapping. She lodged a police report here.
Police recovered more than RM70,000 of the ransom.

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