Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Beanbag at Publika

Quick review on a new place at Publika.

Plus points
- love the chocolate cappuccino
- tiramisu yummy
- pasta (seafood pasta and the other one with mushroom cream) both were yummy and tasty and unexpected for a small restaurant like theirs
- hubby loved the cod fish order

Bad points
- food portion were small!!! All 5 adults with me at that time (last Sunday lunch time) had the same conclusion... Food was small, we needed to order dessert to fill the "gap"
- hubby said his dish was small, so small he forgot to let me taste some (when in fact he use gives me some to taste)
- bad, bad service !!! The different waiters came to our table at least 5 times with wrong orders plus in the end came with bill "faking" that they thought we asked for it already when in fact we were all still chatting
- long line , we waited 30 minutes for our seat when we got there ... And they were "rushing" us off with their act
- the waiter forgot our additional coffee order ... And that is their main business!

Overall, tasty pastas, good coffee, pricey for the small portions (even for expat like me)....

Will we go back? Probably... But won't be our first choice when we are in Publika...

1 comment:

  1. My husband has been wanting to try this place for a late breakfast on the weekend, so it's good to read this post. Thanks for the review!


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