Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Breakfast at Red Beanbag, Publika and BFM 89.9 Radio

Last Sunday while daddy went on a hike at TTDI with his buddies, I decided to have breakfast out with my little girl. Publika is nearby and that mall is starting to draw a lot of crowd.

Breakfast at Red Beanbag (yes, I came back to the place). The french toast was sinful and tasty. Went well with my cappuccino.

In the end, I spoke to the owner. Perhaps one of these days we will bring him for an interview at BFM 89.9

Hmmm, not sure if I mentioned that I started working again? This time at the radio station. No, no ... I am not a deejay. I am a Producer for the Enterprise shows like Speed Consulting, Resource Centre and Careers Unusual at BFM 89.9

It has been great 5 months so far for me. Met so many people. Much, much more than in my 4 years stay at Microsoft Malaysia.

There were funny days at the office where me and my colleagues within enterprise wore same color outfits by coincidence. It happened quite often, I guess great minds think alike!

Living and working in Malaysia has been so colorful so far. We are nearing our 6th year in malaysia this December. How time flies!

Back to the subject of Publika mall in Mont Kiara area. It was a pleasant surprise to see they had a carousel and giant castle slide that Sunday. When we showed our food receipt, Alexandra was entitled to have a carousel ride. We both enjoyed it. And yes, she had fun sliding down the big castle slide too. Overall Publika is a good mall for nearby residents.

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