Friday, August 17, 2012

Baby bottle review: Lifefactory glass bottle for babies and toddlers

Before our France trip I had 2 sleepless nights because I was trying to figure out where to buy those baby straws which you can insert to the baby bottles which will allow toddler to sip from the bottle tits yet in a straw-like manner vertically. I was able to discover those when my sister in Manila gave me 2 of those but we have used it so much that I wanted some new ones before our 1 month vacation. My 2-yr old seems to drink milk from that way effectively and I'm sure all mothers out there try to figure out the best way to make their kids drink more milk.

I was lucky chance upon this baby bottle which recently landed in Kuala Lumpur shores. I took my chances and bought this LifeFactory bottle which is in glass and has a silicon sleeve. The colors are all so beautiful. I bought extra top covers which are designed for toddlers, to replace the baby tops that came with it.

After 4 weeks of use my findings:

Super easy to clean the tops, my daughter loves it - the color, the grip and drinks very very well from the designed top. I love it because easy to clean, happy to see daughter drinking and very interested in her new bottle. If you buy the toddler caps, it comes in two's and different colors which make it even more fun!

I am super grateful to have discovered this. Truly. And everywhere I went in France they kept complimenting the beautiful glass bottle and its color.

The glass is made in France while the sleeves were done in USA. I believe this is a U.S. brand and in laws told me they didn't find in France yet.

Even my hubby loves it because it is made of glass, far better than all the plastic stuff though they always claim to be bpa free, etc.

Attached some photos too. In case you are a mom out there figuring out how to make your toddler drink milk, try out this bottle. I believe price in KL is around rm69- for the tall bottle I have. I bought mine in Publika. You can even find it in Village Grocer in One Mont Kiara!

Why I Won't Waste My Time With Groupon Malaysia

For more than a year I have heard friends who purchased Groupon deals. There were great deals and there were stories which really disappoints. Like a friend who bought a gadget which didn't even work at all when it arrived. Or the friend who bought a pedicure service which sucked and she ended up paying more because she had to go to another nail salon to redo everything (the Groupon nail salon did rubbish service with too thick nail polish!)

After so many months of receiving deals from Groupon, I decided to give it one try. My very first purchase. My first credit card entry to purchase something on Groupon! It was a big deal for me as I am more of traditionalist when it comes to purchases. I only buy airline tickets and hotel bookings online. Other than that everything else is as per tradition.

I bought the nail services of Beauty Chemistry simply because their location is near my home and though hey why not try this super deal?!?

Today, August 17 Friday at 4pm I am here at their nail salon redeeming my voucher.

My experience?

I won't ever go back to that Solaris branch again. As I walked in, there was an obvious nod among the staff and the girl mentioned "groupon". I obviously got the less senior girl (Malay) who was rough on my feet and I had to tell her to be lighter as she shaped the nails. To top it off, the promised 30-minute foot massage turned out to be a 5-minute massage! I asked the chinese girl who then started doing my hand nails, and she said yeah, yeah it is 30-mins, 30 mins pass by very quickly! Oh my. What a blonde answer! As I looked at the time, that was only 3:20pm. My appointment was at 3pm. Do the math!

I didn't want to get the poor Malay girl in trouble. And I didn't want to complain either and cause a scene.

To end the whole thing: the nail colors were limited to very ugly and less ugly ones. And they ask you to top up rm15 if you want to choose other nicer colors.

Last, it was rubbish service. What a total waste of my precious time. Now I learned my lesson. Very good service usually comes at a price, not via Groupon.

Definitely won't waste my time again.
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