Friday, August 17, 2012

Why I Won't Waste My Time With Groupon Malaysia

For more than a year I have heard friends who purchased Groupon deals. There were great deals and there were stories which really disappoints. Like a friend who bought a gadget which didn't even work at all when it arrived. Or the friend who bought a pedicure service which sucked and she ended up paying more because she had to go to another nail salon to redo everything (the Groupon nail salon did rubbish service with too thick nail polish!)

After so many months of receiving deals from Groupon, I decided to give it one try. My very first purchase. My first credit card entry to purchase something on Groupon! It was a big deal for me as I am more of traditionalist when it comes to purchases. I only buy airline tickets and hotel bookings online. Other than that everything else is as per tradition.

I bought the nail services of Beauty Chemistry simply because their location is near my home and though hey why not try this super deal?!?

Today, August 17 Friday at 4pm I am here at their nail salon redeeming my voucher.

My experience?

I won't ever go back to that Solaris branch again. As I walked in, there was an obvious nod among the staff and the girl mentioned "groupon". I obviously got the less senior girl (Malay) who was rough on my feet and I had to tell her to be lighter as she shaped the nails. To top it off, the promised 30-minute foot massage turned out to be a 5-minute massage! I asked the chinese girl who then started doing my hand nails, and she said yeah, yeah it is 30-mins, 30 mins pass by very quickly! Oh my. What a blonde answer! As I looked at the time, that was only 3:20pm. My appointment was at 3pm. Do the math!

I didn't want to get the poor Malay girl in trouble. And I didn't want to complain either and cause a scene.

To end the whole thing: the nail colors were limited to very ugly and less ugly ones. And they ask you to top up rm15 if you want to choose other nicer colors.

Last, it was rubbish service. What a total waste of my precious time. Now I learned my lesson. Very good service usually comes at a price, not via Groupon.

Definitely won't waste my time again.


  1. Been reading your blog for a while, i know how you feel about using these coupon. Haad my fair share of experience of being treated like 2nd class. However, there were some business proprietors that were nice and that means better value for the same things... so i guess its just our luck as well as the proprietor's loss of future business if they decide that coupon customers are not worth their time rite.

    You have a great blog by the way.

    1. hi ykristen, thanks for dropping by my blog. yeah, it's sad that the establishments are not utilizing the foot traffic to make a memorable experience so that Groupon customers will go back... whether or not there is a discount. That is short-sighted of them. The lesson here is that owners should leverage on Groupon to bring customers into their premises (when in usual circumstances they would never have reached that customer) and use it to deliver a WOW experience... too bad a lot of Malaysian establishments dont know the true definition of good customer service.

  2. I usually buy Groupon for food/beverage discounts and they are usually OK (delivering what was promised). Sorry to hear that the pedicure turned out bad - your blog will make me think twice before buying the beauty-related groupons (on a second thought, yea, prolly I wouldn't waste my time on them!)

  3. TQ for your informative sharing blog - Not so Desperate Housewife.

    i have a complaint against a merchant by Groupon but Groupon does not even have a complaint section !!

    Looks like Groupon is a hit n run establishment !!!

    Desperately Scammed by Groupon
    Abiana Leong

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  5. As insightful as your review of Groupon is. I dont it is relevance mentioning someone's race in this particular experience of all.

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