Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chinesepinkaddict Stats and Experience

After reviewing my statistics (for my blog) I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of traffic I have received over the years. When I started this way back, I did not imagine having 100,000+ page views. All I had in mind was to post something useful so that other expatriates who may be looking for information can at least find it here ... as I document my life here in Malaysia.

Glad that I was able to help some people from different walks of life. And honestly, I made some new friends over the years! There were some people who contacted me (thanking, asking for more info) and there were others who wanted to meet up. A chosen few became good friends and our families did some get-togethers which were memorable. Some of those friends have left already -- being expats-- after 2-3 years had to go back to their home country. I am amazed at what this blog brought me -- new friends and helping people who are searching for certain information.

Just wanted to share the stats I saw today on my blogger profile... Thanks again and do keep on reading!

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