Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cost of Living update: Cold Storage Grocery prices

I often get emails and some comments from foreigners who are wondering about cost of living in KL. They wanted to get an updated view or usually ask about specific stuff like organic veggies, access to cheese, milk and other products.

Well after I received this Cold Storage Catalog dated Sept-Oct 2012, I decided to snap some photos and post here in the blog. You will find prices of certain goods that might interest you. And all pricing in Ringgit Malaysia.

Hope this helps give people out there a better idea of food prices in KL.

Plus I added a recent grocery receipt I have when I went grocery shopping at Village Grocer at One Mont Kiara. Averagely I would spend between rm200-400 depending on the length of time from my last visit.


  1. Hi! I'm a housewife from Manila living in Mont Kiara as well. We moved here 2nd quarter of this year. Your blog is a good reference for newcomers to Malaysia. Can you recommend a nice salon around the area? Basic necessities are cheaper here than back home except for beauty-related services thus I am hesitant to try the salons. I have seen Restyle and A-Saloon in 1Mont Kiara but not sure if they have the same skillfulness as a Piandre. Just want to make sure I get my money's worth. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kamusta! As for salon, many expats walk into those salons in the mall. As for me, after having experienced all kinds of salon, I tend to go back to this Korean-Japanese salon in Hartamas area. In fact you can even walk there from Mont Kiara! they even offer to park your car if you want to go to their salon (bec a bit hard to find parking). Try Min Shunji (or search Min Shunji Hartamas) salon at Hartamas

      Good luck! Definitely worth your money and professional service.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion:) I'll give Min Shunji a try.

    3. Thanks for the suggestion:) I'll give Min Shunji a try.

    4. Thanks for the suggestion:) I'll give Min Shunji a try.

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