Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dr Cafe Publika

My personal choice of coffee when in Publika usually ends with Plan B at the grocery area (Ben's) due to their strong, tasty lattes. We decided to be different and tried something new today.

The Dr Cafe which is located outside Publika was a good choice for our coffee adventure on a Sunday after lunch. Lots of space and comfy chairs...and not too crowded. Perfect for a cup of coffee with hubby and daughter toddler.

The Capuccino did not disappoint. Definitely far better than the usual Starbucks or other popular chains out there.

Would try again when I am around Publika.


  1. Looks like a nice coffee spot to chill over a good book:D Would deposit the hubster there during our next grocery session at Publika.

    1. Yeah, not a bad place.. pretty quiet and spacious. I wouldn't rave too much about their coffee but it was not too bad. I do like the coffee though at Red Bean Bag... and my latest favorite at Publika is definitely the coffee at Plan B inside the grocery BEN's INDEPENDENT GROCER -- coffee while doing groceries!

  2. Hi there
    Love your blog because of the way you think through and research your subject – great work!

    We may be relocating to Malaysia under MM2H soon.

    Not yet decided which city.
    Just want to pick your brain about a couple of fairly complicated questions. Would appreciate even partial insights.

    1) If you could afford to retire on a reasonable income (not lavish and not too meagre either say approx 7k RM a month including rent, car maintenance and day-to-day stuff, not including any major health and travel expenses – we’ve provided separately for that), which part of Malaysia would you choose? Access to good healthcare, groceries (including alternative therapies), food etc are important. Night life is not a major criterion for us. Any places where the crime rate is lower?
    2) I don’t drive, hubby does. I don’t want to be too dependent on him for groceries etc. Is there a part of KL that is better to live in, in terms of having quicker access to malls and services as well as cabs and public transport? Or is it just a matter of living close to a shopping centre in any suburb? Any suburbs where the crime rate is lower?

    1. hi... let me try to help you...

      1. If you are coming for the MM2H, that means you will not work. Which also means you don't need to be near town... just need a place to live comfortably. Well, I have seen many, many expats in MM2H who chose Penang as a place to live -- cheaper cost of living, can live by the coast, less hectic than city life. However, if you want to live closer to Kuala Lumpur, well, you can live in fact in Bangsar or Mont Kiara -- good communities with groceries and doctor/clinics nearby... nice to walk to cafe/ grocery and also get to see people like you. Crime rate, sorry I cannot comment much. I have been a bit scared myself about the rampant crime (as you probably saw in my old posts)... all I know is that everywhere in the world there is crime. We just need to be more cautious. So far KL has been good to us this past 6 years.

      2. If you live in Mont Kiara like I do, the Sunrise Properties even provide free transport to shuttle residents around to different condos as well as commercial areas. Which means people who live in Mont Kiara and Sunrise properties -- we all enjoy free shuttle to certain areas -- at no cost. We even have this shuttle service from certain shopping centres who are trying to make it accessible for the Mont Kiara people to get to their places e.g Gardens Mall - one of my favorite mall in KL.

      Overall I cannot comment much on Penang bec I have not lived there, just visited a few times. If you want a quiet life there are many remote places which are far from KL city life. Just depends on your priorities. I am sure there are good healthcare, etc in other places as well... for us, KL is the place to be at the moment.

      hope this helps.

  3. That is extremely helpful - thank you so much. We have been considering parts of Petaling Jaya. I believe Mont Kiara and Bangsar are not too far off from there.

    Hoping to spend approx 1500-200 RM on rent but it would be nice to rent in a location where we get more speace for that money. We are accustomed to living in a fairly spacious home right now. Condo-living will be a bit different but hoping for a 2 or 3 bedroom place. From what I gather Mont Kiara rents are substantially higher than many sectors in Petaling Jaya? Would that be true?

    1. If that is the budget and you want space, you should consider Petaling Jaya then. Pj is a huge area and there will be plenty of options around. What I love about KL and Malaysia is that there is plenty of space and different types of properties. I don't doubt you will find the perfect place.

  4. Hi how to contact you? I need a permission to use the above photo..

    1. No worries, you can go ahead and use the photos above, i don't mind.


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