Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Internet In Malaysia & How We Don't Need Cable TV

This December marks our 6th year anniversary in Malaysia. For 5 years, we subscribed to Astro (the one and only cable provider for TV). We did that mostly because we wanted to watch CNN and BBC to stay in touch with what is going on with the world.

We were cheap -- as we took the most basic plan they have. It was around RM 50 to RM 65 per month (price increase during the whole duration). The only time I remember being glued to the TV was when I was pregnant. I watched AFC (Asian Food Channel) religiously every evening. But even that was bad because I watched every night, that meant I knew every show and I noticed a lot of reruns! After delivering the baby, my TV-watching evenings came to a halt.

For 5 years we paid our dues to Astro -- without really watching much TV. Earlier this year, hubby decided to put a stop to it -- and a wise move. Since we cut our cable TV I did not even miss it at all! There was even a funny incident where the Astro bill and customer service (who replies via email) insist that we should still pay RM50 after the service was halted -- because we need to return the electronic card. Good thing when I mailed (Snail Mail - registered mail via POS Malaysia) the card, I took a photo of the registration sticker. I emailed back to them stating that they should check with their own office as I have mailed it way back. In the end they retracted and put the balance due to zero. Another funny incident was right after we terminated the account, a salesperson called me on the phone to offer the Astro Beyond cable service... which I turned down of course. Then I received in the mail a flyer from Astro stating that perhaps I would consider to upgrade my account. Sigh, all this advertising will not bring me back to Astro anymore.

How do we survive then? What do we watch? Well, hubby installed the APPLE TV since 2-3 years ago and have been watching stuff from there since then. We upgraded to the latest Apple TV (which is a smaller box) and we often access things from there -- photos, videos, YouTube, Movies and Songs. Don't ask me about the technicalities behind it because I just consume the stuff there while hubby is the genius behind all the technological set-up. What is important to note though is that the experience is significantly enjoyable since we took a different internet provider -- TIME.COM. When we had the old TM (Telekom Malaysia) we were at a snail's pace. The Time.Com service is definitely worth every ringgit in terms of speed and quality.

This no-cable-TV life is so different with what I am used to back in the Philippines. We used to "have to" subscribe to SkyCable back then, in order to enjoy more tv shows. With the world changing and the internet creeping into our lives, the whole media experience have dramatically changed.

I am happy with our savings every month. Goodbye to Astro!!!


  1. i thought to subscribe for astro and again had 2nd thoughts about TIME too... thanks for the post as always :)

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