Sunday, October 07, 2012

JKids Play Area for Toddlers at Publika

Was happy to see a new kids play place at nearby Publika. Their pricing is reasonable and even the socks they were selling were sold at reasonable prices. This is unlike the kids play place Kids eWorld at Gardens which is priced quite high (thought facilities are great).

I'm glad to have such a place at our neighborhood for little Alexandra's quick play time on weekends. We came early (10am) which means less crowded so I don't have to worry about big, aggressive kids.

The place is clean and pinky! Smaller than Kids eWorld though.

Enough to have a short playtime to release all that energy.

Located near the Marmalade restaurant outside of Publika.


  1. Thanks for sharing this...
    Is it suitable for 18 months old toddler?

  2. hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Yes, it is suitable, in fact I saw some toddlers around that day. It is a nice place (for now in my opinion) bec it doesn't get too crowded (like the one in Gardens)... so you don't need to be afraid of too many kids trampling over your kid. I think for 18 month old baby should be okay and of course you need to be there with him/her. The colors will be fun and i'm sure your little one will enjoy walking around / seeing the colors / playing with the balls / building small stuff with the foam blocks.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I am glad I will know of one place to visit once we move there!


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