Sunday, December 09, 2012

Serious coffee at EspressoLab

I was satisfied with my past encounters with EspressoLab at Gardens mall. So when I heard hubby mentioned they have a Publika branch, we ventured and looked for it because it was not located in. Visible area. Long ago I know they started in Publika but I guess the foot traffic then was low, and now they came back.

The place is very, very humble. Meaning it was not fully renovated to impress. Simply, they just put the place together in the most cost effective manner and all they care about is to sell good coffee.

I was surprised that despite its secretive location in the underdeveloped area of Publika, it was full!!!

We were not disappointed. My latte was superb especially on the first sip! Heaven!

No wonder people keep coming back. Seriously, if you try their coffee you will find it hard to go back to Starbucks latte.

Simple place. Serious coffee.

Espresso Lab
D1-G4-6, Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Duta Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No.: 603-6211 0662


  1. This is the first time I found someone who loves the Merde books by Stephen Clarke :)

    1. 1000 years of Annoying The French was a bit disappointing though ... Too much history overload to my taste. I quite enjoy his humor when he is recounting experiences in Paris. I'm happy to meet someone who equally enjoys his books! Haven't had time To check out the newer ones. Have you?

  2. Hi, I came across your blog while searching about legoland. I'm also a filipino who has recently been expatriated in kl. your blog entries are helpful. Happy new year!

  3. Hi Pinkaddict,

    Happy NEw Year! Love reading your blogs! I'm a 30something Filipina as well, born and raised in Holland and since 5 mths me and my son joined my husband in KL who already lives here for 5 yrs. As a housewife and being 24 weeks pregnant of our 2nd child it is a challenging but also fun journey to settle down. It is also good to read ur stories about having a baby here in KL.
    Keep up the good job! Salamat uli!

    1. Thanks for reading and the encouraging words. Hope you will enjoy your life here too! Which hospital you plan to deliver? I think I wrote an entry abound my experience here and it was a good moment... Despite having a C section! All the best!

    2. Do check out the yoga for pregnant women I wrote about fit for two before. And maybe when u feel like it we can meet up one of these days! Let me know.

  4. Thanx 4 ur reply, just noticed now! I will be delivering at Tawakkal hospital, while we live just around the corner. STill 3 months to go, but can't wait!
    Would be nice to meet, u can reach me by mail.. my mail is my first name and surname (holgado) in one word,


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