Saturday, December 01, 2012

Yeast Boulangerie Bangsar Review

Hubby and I decided to check out the newest addition to Bangsar's food scene. A new French place called Yeast opened right beside Antipodean (same row as La Bodega).

True to the French cultural behavior, I found the owner not too friendly (very French). Hubby himself was a bit disappointed with the way the French owner didn't engage with us despite we were one of the earliest customers.

Worth noting is the pain Au chocolat (chocolate croissant). The rest were okay. The coffee (latte and Capuccino) we're both watery and left us not satisfied with our Saturday brekkie.

In the end, we paid our stuff and left for Antipodean for some real coffee. Little daughter enjoyed playing at the play area of Antipodean while parents enjoyed some chat time over coffee and banana pancakes.

The French boulangerie had some traffic by the time we left Antipodean at 10am. I do hope they would improve some stuff:

- more lighting on their bread cabinet so people can see better
- open the door a bit more. Their entrance door was so cramped bec they closed most of it to conserve Aircon. It felt unwelcoming for guests.
-owner should be more friendly
- coffee needs significant improvement
- add more breakfast choices as it is limited
- add more bread to their Egg Cocotte because we were very short of it with two small pieces! We tried to order baguette but it was not ready at 830am!

Probably will give this place a try again next year when they get their act together. Meanwhile you can check it out yourself and be the judge.

yeast bistro
24g Jalan telawi 2, Bangsar
Opens at 8am

Egg Cocotte (we thought the bread portions were too small)

Outside seating area


Weekend breakfast at Yeast

Bill for 2 adults and 1 child

Bread Selection

Eggs are a speciality -- only on weekends!

Coffee was disappointing. Better head to Antipodean to grab some real coffee!

Interior of Yeast - reminds me of the Paris restaurants!

Pain au Chocolat


  1. Hi slightly off topic ... was just browsing your older blog posts and found one from June 2011 about the residents pass. Did you apply? how was the process and what are the requirements?
    talentcorp sounds like a private business - or are they a Government body? Sorry for bombarding you with questions!

    1. Yes we did apply. Happy with our RP. Can't comment on TalentCorp unsure if private company but definitely working with Govt to deliver faster results for expats and I am happy about that. Many people have applied and seems happy with the service.

    2. Thank you, good to know ... just found your updates from 2011 as well ... sorry must have missed them earlier.

  2. Had a look at the receipt and note that they charged 6% for govt tax. This should not be as govt tax only applies when an outlet has reached sales of over a certain sum which takes years in a place like this. Not very ethical of them as they are obviously pocketing it for themselves.

    1. Hmmm... Oh wow, I didn't know about that... Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Hi, I think the reason why they don't have a big breakfast menu is because it is very common for the French to have only pastries (typically the croissant) and coffee :) Some of the pastries look dry and not so appeasing though... Nevertheless still looking forward to try the cafe out! Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Hi I heard that their new chef just arrived and supposed To be a good one,., perhaps their menu have changed extensively. I will give them another try and will surely write about it. Hope your visit will be a good one, best of luck!


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