Friday, January 11, 2013

Thai Odyssey One Mont Kiara review

After hubby's tiring business trip, we decided to go for some relaxation at Thai Odyssey at One Mont Kiara. Turned out to be a so-so experience and I was so disappointed that I had to write this post before I go to bed.

Maybe it's having too high expectations? Or was it because of my unfair comparison to Manila's better service and price? Or simply they are not as good as what I remember?

We opted for 60-mins for massage and 30-minutes back massage.

What happened?

- we arrived at 8pm. We had to sit and wait until 830pm before anything go started
- over the phone, prior to going there, they told me to go 815pm which I assumed that is the time we can start
- hubby started a timer on his iPhone, and true enough they finished massaging 10 mins before we hit 90 mins
- price is much higher than Manila :(
- the stick that they used to massage the foot was painful and hubby especially didn't enjoy it
- oil they used was too minty and wet. Wet towels as well to wrap the feet, I would have preferred some new dry ones, especially as I was freezing already in their Aircon room
- they don't speak English (Thai masseuse)
- my therapist was obviously less knowledgable and was doing some shortcuts as I compared my massage to hubby's since we were side by side... Mine was in a hurry.. Perhaps bec it was Friday night and we were the last customers!
- prices they advertise on their flyers and website does not include taxes yet FYI!

Would we ever go back? I don't think so. I would rather pay higher prices elsewhere as long as the massage is good and they deliver real relaxation at the proper timing. Read another blog the girl went to the same branch last Nov and they also went under time with the massage! Her blog can be found here

What a disappointing experience! Thank God I didn't buy their silly packages. Rm 239 wasted!
Perhaps other branches may be delivering better service. Just don't get ripped of at Mont Kiara.


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