Thursday, April 18, 2013

Farm In The City, Great for Toddlers!

A nice place for toddlers to visit

At the entrance of Farm in the City

Little ones can pet and feed the animals

Today we went to visit Farm in the City at Seri Kenbangan. It was a 45-minute drive in the morning (coming from Mont Kiara). We went together with my daughter's school and it proved to be a fun trip for the kids.

We had parents who brought 1-year old's up to kids around 5 years old. Some had strollers, which was okay because the path was stroller-friendly.

We were blessed with superb weather, sunny but not extreme. There were some spots with shade and seats, should you need to rest or have a drink.

The farm is well-kept. I would say that the place is clean and didn't have an overpowering smell of animals (I'm 4 months pregnant and this could have really bothered me!)

The people were friendly and they had photographers walking around to take your pictures. In the end, I did purchase a photo souvenir for rm20 which was a good shot of myself and daughter with a 30-year old giant turtle.

She was able to pet and feed the rabbits and I think she enjoyed that the most. She tried to feed the deer (which were walking around freely) but it came to close and she screamed, haha, that was the first time I have ever seen her like that! She also fed the cow (who had a best friend dog inside his cage). It was also fun seeing her feed the fish, the pond was big and had swans there, too!

I would highly recommend to parents with young children. The Farm is not too big that you can finish in one morning... Ending with lunch or light snack at their restaurant. They had pony/horse ride too but we didn't do it this round.

The toilets were okay. Plus they had a number of wash areas where kids and adults can wash up after petting / feeding the animals. I am glad they were thoughtful and made some child-friendly wash bins which means they could easily reach the faucet.

What we appreciated was the fact they provided all the food for us to feed animals, unlike other places where they try to sell it to you.

For lunch, you could pack your own food and eat there or you ca order food from their restaurant. They had western style seats and also tatami style (which the kids loved). The school helped to organize a simple lunch set for the kids while we brought some sandwiches for ourselves. They had cold drinks and ice cream, too.

For a short drive from KL, it will be a worthwhile trip for your kids to see animals up close!

Will get to see some plants and fruits around the Farm

Huge porcupine

Kid-friendly washing areas are provided - perfect for after petting!

Feeding the fishes and swans

Nice view

Enjoying with the rabbits

Duck area

Group picture before going into the Farm

They will give free food to you so you can feed the animals -- like this one!

Giant turtles -- you get to feed them and touch their backs!

Well kept Farm in the City

In case you are interested to have a donkey / horse ride

After the walk around the farm, you can eat and relax at their cafe

Tatami table style also available at the cafe -- kids loved it. They prefer to sit on the floor.

My daughter feeding the giant turtle

Nice weather and view at Farm in the City


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