Thursday, April 04, 2013

My Elephant Hartamas Thai Restaurant

This is a straight-forward review of a popular Thai restaurant around the Hartamas neighborhood. I went there yesterday with my in-law's and 3-year old daughter for lunch.



  • easy to park at that neighborhood
  • they provided crayons to keep my daughter busy while we waited for the food
  • they have baby chair
  • they had lunch menu at very interesting prices, ranging from RM9.90 to RM14.90
  • they were packed for lunch, I guess many people were taking advantage of the lunch menu prices
  • the fried chicken and the tom yum soup with noodles were worth mentioning
  • food presentation very nice

  • told the staff less spicy... but the dishes we had were still too spicy for our taste... hence the in-law's didn't enjoy their last lunch here in KL (they flew back to France that evening)
  • they charged for their water, which in-law's found to be yucky taste... they said there was a certain taste they didn't like. However, after staying here one month, they had never complained about the water at home nor at the other restaurants we went to.
  • the waiters were struggling with English (in my opinion).
  • the rice they served on my plate had a huge portion of it which was very hard rice. I think they gave me the bottom of the rice cooker, which I found unedible

Won't go back. This is my 2nd time at MyElephant. Last time was with some girlfriends who ordered dinner a la carte. I think majority of their food is too spicy for non-Malaysians. I found the selection at the Thai Restaurant called Bangkok House at One Mont Kiara more friendly to foreigners.

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