Saturday, April 13, 2013

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf Bangsar

After my French class at Alliance Francaise in Bangsar, we decided to check out the fairly new pork joint at Bangsar Village 1. The name is catchy and easy to remember, it being such a popular story when I was a little kid.

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf is located near the Village Grocer (that's how we went in). Fairly busy on a Saturday lunch time (late lunch about 130pm). The waiters were attentive, plus points for that. I noticed a lot of people having their breakfast menu (eggs with some pork bacon), but I wanted to have lunch so we skipped all those breakfast stuff.

I then discovered they had a different menu for the evening dinner, because we looked for the pork ribs on the menu handed to us, and we didn't see any.

We ordered the famous pasta they have which was called The Wolf pasta (or something like that), hubby had the tonkatsu salad while I ordered the pork fried rice for my maid.

Verdict: the pasta was creamy but nothing overly too wow about it. Hubby's tonkatsu was so-so while the salad beneath it was really not that fresh looking. My maid's fried rice had too much chili in it (for foreigners like us). All in all bill came up to be below rm100. We also ordered some fries, which was probably the best dish that we ordered for that meal (haha).

Not sure if I would come back for lunch. Perhaps will give their breakfast a shot. After which if still not too impressed, will give this place a miss next time. It may serve pork but I could find pork dishes somewhere else.

The Wolf Pasta - I was not too impressed...

Salad leaves were not very fresh... a letdown for us.


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