Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bread Town Field Trip for Toddlers

My daughter's school organized a trip to Bread Town in Shah Alam and both mommy and daughter enjoyed the short visit. The factory size was impressive and you get to see the machineries and the whole processing of how they start from dough all the way to the final product.

There was a short film showing as we'll in cartoons form to entertain the kids before going into the actual factory.

It was a short educational trip for the kids. Couldn't take pics of the factory itself because photography is not allowed.

Of course, we went home with tons if bread!

Here is the link for bread town :

Some of the free bread we got

Children posing in front of the giant loaf of bread at the entrance 

They got to touch some dough. That way they know what the  texture is like.

Goofing around the giant bread

After the visit, the kids sat down to chomp some of the free bread

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