Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Breakfast and Lunch: Red Beanbag at Publika and Serai at Paradigm Mall

French toast at Red Bean Bag - worth trying!
Sunday, maid went out on day off so we decided to just head out for the day.

First time to visit Red Beanbag for breakfast, as last few rounds were mostly for lunch meals (which we found portions too small). 

Breakfast time was busy and packed with people, though thankfully not as popular as Antipodean in Bangsar.

We enjoyed all the food we ordered, like the French toast and Croque Monsieur. Coffee was good and my hot chocolate too. Found their hot choco better than Antipodean.

After a hearty breakfast we went to Paradigm mall for the first time. Was curious to see their maternity collection at H&M so we went there straight. The mall was packed with locals doing their weekend shopping (and malling).

A friend told me about her good experience at Serai restaurant so we checked it out at 2pm for late lunch. It was a good choice, as the salmon pasta was big portions and we shared it. While we ordered mushroom chicken creamy pasta for little Alex. The ambience and food menu reminded me of Delicious long ago, when the food was good, and when the service wasn't bad. Now Delicious has gone down the drain in my books. Last Saturday we checked out Ben's at bangsar village 2 and it was packed with people. I must say the place is not bad... KLCC was a bad 1st experience for us when we checked out Ben's for the first time.

Highlights of the food trip:

- French toast at Red Beanbag
- appetizer platter at Serai
- roasted chicken with 2 side salad at Ben's (forgot to take a pic, was too hungry)

Coffee and orange juice at Red Beanbag

Croque Madame - hubby liked it

Latte at Red Beanbag

Bill for 2 adults and 1 child

Appetizer sampler at Serai (Paradigm Mall)

Salmon Pasta at Serai - big portion, enough to share!


  1. The egg thing there is actually egg with toast?
    For RM3 is a pretty good price..

    1. The egg with toast in my pic is Croque Madame. Wile the rm3 egg is additional order of poached egg only for my daughter...


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