Saturday, June 01, 2013

Breakfast at Journal Plan B Publika on Saturday

Journal Plan B, located near the entrance of Publika

Weekends in Manila meant early breakfast mornings with the family. After so many years in KL, we find that the choices for early breakfast is still limited, perhaps because people wake up late here or the sun rises a bit later than in Manila.

Once more, we were proven correct with our theory. We headed to Publika, arriving at 9am. We found Nathalie's Gourmet studio open at 9am but just about to set up, no Chef in the house yet and barely prepared to welcome anyone. The next disappointment was Red Beanbag which opens at 930am!!! Quite late for a breakfast place especially for weekends. We left hungry and wandered  around. The outdoor cafe we found which was open was Coffee Stain, but the menu didn't look enticing for breakfast so we left. Walked around some more and on our way to we chances upon Journal (plan B, same group as Ben's), which was open. They had a huge sign that said "8am open" and we were surprised!!!

I asked the manager and it seems the first ever day they open at 8am is today!!!

Starting today, the Publika branch will open everyday at 8am for breakfast. Now that is real breakfast time!

A few up's and down's in our opinion:

- one of the best hot chocolate in town, plus they were one of the few that serve it with marshmallows! However, the hot choc wasn't hot enough when served. I complained to the waiter and they simply heated it up for me.. Oh well I guess I can't expect superb five star service in getting a replacement for an imperfect hot chocolate

- the big breakfast and pancake we ordered came 25 minutes after we ordered which means we were starving by the time it came. Perhaps they are having opening blues or jitters? Many people were waiting for their food which took extra long. At Antipodean the food comes quite fast and that's why people love the place - consistency and speed.

- the orange juice that came with breakfast set and the one we ordered was good and cold without ice. Love it 

- the manager was a bit eager I think and took away hubby's empty plate however I wasn't finished with his small plate of beans and he took it away... Grrrr

- the portions were HuGE!!! We ordered only two dishes and we were stuffed and was able to feed my daughter. The pancake ricotta was especially big and no way one person can finish it

- they serve water and you don't need to ask them to bring one over 

- the ham that came with the big breakfast (breakfast platter) was tasty and I like it bec it was salty

- the cappuccino was good and up to standards

Our score for this place is 3 out if 5 stars. Huge portions for families, decent drinks however slow service and needs improvement in customer service (as always in malaysia).

Will we come back? Yes probably, to try the other stuff. And hoping service will have improved by then.

Big breakfast - literally big!

Ricotta Pancakes -- too much for 1 person to finish

Cold Orange Juice

One of the best hot chocolate -- if only it was served piping hot :(

Coffee and orange juice that came with the Big Breakfast set

Now open at 8am, every single day! The early birds will be happy!

Little one enjoying the hot chocolate in her own cup

Interior of Journal Plan B (before the crowd arrived)

Bill for 2 adults - we literally didn't have to order for my daughter because the portions were huge!

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