Sunday, June 02, 2013

Imperial Pot Dim Sum at Publika

Imperial Pot at Publika Solaris Dutamas - Dim Sum place
Suddenly craved for dim sum after Mass, but was tired of our usual go-to place which is usually Grand Imperial at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Remembered hubby mentioning that his friend who lives in Publika told him a new dim sum place opened. We decided to check it out after seeing one positive review about the place.

I was a bit apprehensive when we arrived, seeing that the location was not "key", meaning hard to get there if you were inside Publika mall... Hence that will mean maybe no one is eating there?!?

Boy, was I wrong. At 1 pm the place had a good bunch of customers. We easily got a place, plus they had baby chair available which is good news for parents!

Service was good, especially as the owners were around.

- har kau shrimp dumplings had black skin instead of white... Tastes good
- carrot cake... Found this better than Grand Imperial's
- hubby enjoyed the char Siew pau
- daughter loved the noodle soup with dumplings 
- pork ribs were tasty
- loved the drink sugarcane with water chestnuts

Other info:

- was surprised the tea was rm10!
- avocado roll was different, however too sweet for my taste. My daughter loved the skin though and had a good time eating it. Seemed like fried thin noodles which is tasty
- xiao long bao not too impressive, you are better off at Din Tai Fung
- good service from staff and owner, we like it!
- chicken pandan was okay. I'm not too impressed or maybe I have this Thai notion in my taste buds?!?
- price was decent for 3 adults and 1 child

How to get there?

If you are driving, you can see Imperial Pot from the main road, it is at the same row at Bestari and PappaRich. However the imperial pot is located on the first floor, so if you get dropped off by car you will need to take the escalator.

If you are coming from inside Publika, you will need to exit from Journal Plan B, then walk across the street to take the escalator down. 

Will we go back? Yes, to try other stuff and probably for our usual dim sum fix. Glad we don't have to go far anymore!

I give this place 9/10 overall for food and value for money.

tasty char siew pao

Noodles with wanton

Pork bun = char siew pao

scallop dumpling and shrimp dumpling (black skin)

Tasty Pork Ribs

Xiao Long Bao - not too fantastic. I prefer the ones from Din Tai Fung

Avocado inside -- too sweet for our taste

Carrot cake - one of the best so far!

The bill for 3 adults and 1 child


  1. I really enjoy reading your restaurant reviews. Since we have moved to Mont Kiara it is always great to hear about good restaurants since they are hit or miss a lot of the time.

    1. Thanks Tina for dropping by and glad I could help point others to the right direction. I agree about he hit and miss... Sometimes it can be so disappointing.

    2. One of the worst ever experience in Solaris-Publika area is Osteria RealBlue the Italian restaurant never go there! We had a horrific time there... Weird place for us.

    3. Thanks for letting us know! We often go to the korean bbq restaurant a few doors down from there and walk by Osteria RealBlue. We have commented that we should try it but haven't gotten around to it. Good to know we shouldn't waste our time. We will stick with Porto Romano. =)

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  3. My personal favourite place for dimsum is at duck king, jaya one. Maybe you'd like to try that restaurant :)

    1. hi JeNz, thanks for dropping by. I have tried Duck King before , in fact many years ago, and we went there for their Peking Duck. Maybe will try their dimsum one day, didn't know they were serving those there! Merci!


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