Thursday, June 06, 2013

iPhone 4S speaker went dead after 1.5 years

Business card of the MacBoyz Iphone Repair
While listening to music and walking around the neighborhood of Mont Kiara, I suddenly heard some crunching sound from my music, as if I was on a radio frequency which was not good... Despite listening to music via the iPod player of my iPhone 4S. After five minutes of on and off hissing, the speaker just died. I couldn't hear music, couldn't hear typing,  nor ringing. Hubby decided to do a hard reboot which erased everything on my phone, it didn't solve anything.

I went "silent" all of a sudden for a week. Meaning: my iPhone could only vibrate when someone is calling or texting. It was hard because I missed some calls and had to look at my phone every now and then.

Finally I decided enough is enough. I didn't want to go to LowYat which is hell to go to on weekends, so I asked around for help. A friend pointed me to Plaza Damas which is nearby Mont Kiara, so I went for it.

This place called MacBoyz solved my problem. The guy is very professional and friendly, plus took good care of my phone. You could see him in action fixing it, that way there's no hanky panky switching of any parts -- which he warned against if you went to busy LowYat. 

My daughter even enjoyed her time at that office as he had a little golf putty set which had a toddler putter and adult one.

I paid rm180 for the service and my phone suddenly started giving off sounds again. Finally! I could hear clicking and typing.

By the way, I contacted them via their Facebook and they replied immediately. They quoted the price, at least I knew the range or extent of what I had to fork out if they repaired it. They offered free diagnostic too.

Glad there was this place nearby for iPhone repair. Highly recommended.

Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, KL

Keane Law was the one who repaired my iPhone 4s speaker problem

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