Sunday, June 09, 2013

Red Beanbag Sunday Breakfast

After a difficult evening because little one had fever (and I kept waking up every now and then during the night), we decided that if she is wakes up early and feel better we will go out for breakfast.

Thank heavens she was better and we decided to go out... Question again is where? Our default breakfast place is usually Antipodean. However, we wanted to see if we can explore more the other stuff in the menu of Red Beanbag (which is a shorter drive from Mont kiara).

The morning if discovery was a bit disappointing. One can conclude that for breakfast at Red Beanbag, the only noteworthy stuff to take are the following:

- flat white coffee was good and the roasted smell of coffee balanced with milk was good

- French toast with some fruits-- after two visits I still like it. The only decent thing on their list which I keep going back to

- Croque Madame : we ordered it last visit and I think it was worth ordering however we didn't take it this round, to be different. Ended up with regret.

So what were the so-so and disappointing stuff?

Forget about ordering their Truffle Brie. Hubby was extremely surprised and disappointed when it arrived. Maybe we expected too much from it? I didn't expect that it would be a plain and simple cheese slice with toast... Maybe perhaps some transformation like baking it on the bread? Utterly disappointing.

Baked eggs was okay. Nothing to shout about nor re-ordering it again. It was baked eggs with some pieces of sausages inside. It came with 3 pieces of bread.

Overall, we will stick to what we found nice and won't be adventurous with their menu next time.

They open 930am on weekends. Beware: we had to walk up flights of escalators (meaning they didn't turn on escalators from carpark towards the mall) today because we came at 930am... Publika is closed to car traffic on Sunday mornings from 7-10am because of the Wheelie Sundays (where people can bike around the compound of Publika). That meant a longer walk for us as daddy couldn't drop us off in front of the area of Red Beanbag.

French Toast - worth ordering at Red Beanbag

Orange Juice 

Truffle Brie - forget about it... don't even order this. Thought it would be something different.

Baked eggs - okay, nothing fantastic. Eggs baked with some small sausage slices inside

Flat White -- very good. Worth ordering this.

Bill for 2 adults and 1 toddler

Red Beanbag
Tue - Fri10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun9:30 am - 10:00 pm

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