Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Bread Shop: Killer pastries

Last weekend, hubby bought me a piece of soft, buttery, killer-yummy bread from the Bread Shop and told me it was one of their latest featured bread, which he has tried in the past in France. Seems it originates from one of the places I love -- Brittany. A place where they worship and adore butter -- and it showed in the Kouign-Amann bread he bought me. Yes, the name is a bit hard to pronounce and spell, but it was worth every darn calorie.

I kept thinking about that bread so today I could not help myself but drive to The Bread Shop after little one's ballerina classes. One thing I learned though: not a good idea to buy that Kouign-Amann late in the afternoon. It tasted FAR OFF from what I ate last weekend. Sigh, spoiled my excitement!

A short introduction to the killer-butter bread Kouign-Amann (thanks to Wiki). In a short summary, it is a Brittany / Breton pastry which contains layers of butter and sugar folded in. That was enough description for me after I pondered more about its funny name when I chomped down the pastry last weekend. That bread really kept me thinking about it! Grr...

Apart from that, there are other bread worth mentioning. My daughter super enjoyed their Sugar Butter bread. I love it, too. If only I could spare more calories I think I would eat that every other day. Another lovely pastry is the Cinnamon Swirl, especially for those cinnamon roll lovers. You will not be disappointed by the sweetness & cinnamon-ness balance with this pastry created by the bread shop. This is one of the old time favorites, when we first discovered The Bread Shop years ago.

The Bread Shop is quietly tucked inside the Damansara Heights neighborhood. And despite not being located in a mall, it was packed with people inside -- enjoying drinks and bread, when we dropped by.

I shall perhaps revisit to try a really good tasting, newly-baked Kouign-Amann one of these days. For those who love their croissants and everything butter, you should try it, too!

Berry Kouign-Amann: not worth buying this at 5pm in the afternoon.
I think it was displayed too long in the shop and exposed to air. The bread was hard and crunchy instead
of soft and buttery. A lesson learned.
Total bill for 4 pieces of bread from the Bread Shop. This is take-away price.
I believe that if you dine-in there is additional tax.
Menu in case you are interested...
Selection of other bread. Worth checking out:
The butter sugar bread... we love it. My daughter loves it. Killer butter inside.
The Cinnamon Swirl is one of my old time favorites from this shop.
I remember loving it the first time I tried it years ago when we discovered this place.
Kouign-Amann is supposed to be buttery and soft. Originates from France, so you can imagine
the love of butter. They ran out of the "original" flavor which is sans berry or peanut butter.
I wanted to buy the normal one... which I tried last weekend. It was so butter and soft! Sigh...
Outdoor view of the Bread Shop at Damansara Heights

The Bread Shop
Address: 11 Jalan Setiakasih, Damansara Heights, KL
Tel: 03-20938734

Opening Hours: 

Mon to Fri: 8am to 730pm
Saturday: 8am to 5pm
Sunday: closed

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  1. Hi Pink Addict. Don't despair next time you get a late kouign-amann. I had an overnight one but was too wasted to throw away. So I popped it into my toaster oven and it tasted even better hot! The top came out flaky and crispy while the inside was still soft. And the buttery smell just permeates the air again. Well, I think that's how I would eat my kouign-amann next time :)


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