Sunday, June 23, 2013

Watching Movies in KL

Since we had our little one, we don't watch movies as often as we did in the past. Hence, when there are special movies that are on, we prefer to watch at a nice place like Gardens Mall. I believe the ticket price is slightly more than the regular movie cinemas, however you will appreciate the comfortable seats and premium feel of the place.

We did try the Gold Class once and you will fall in love with their lazy boy seats. It is really comfortable and comes with a "waiter" service and call button. Your drinks and food will be delivered to your lazy boy seats (equipped with a table of course).

Our regular movie watching will usually be at the Premiere seats. For 3 people I paid RM87 -- this is when we watched the recent Monster University with my little one. She totally enjoyed the experience. I was afraid that 1 hour and 50 minutes for a cartoons movie will be too long for a 3-year old, but I was proven wrong and she enjoyed it. One of her fond memories of it is eating popcorn while watching.

GSC Gardens Cinema ticket pricing HERE

Movie at the Gardens GSC Cinema
Love the seats at the Premiere because it is segregated two-by-two. This is the small Cinema 4.
RM87 for 3 people in GSC Cinema at the Gardens
Slightly higher price than other places, but worth it.

Gold Class seats at Gardens. Each seat comes with a blanket to ensure comfort!

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