Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wendy's and Haze

Trying our best to combat the haze that has engulfed Kuala Lumpur
The past four days have been bummer because of the terrible haze enveloping Malaysia. I felt like a prisoner in my own home, unable to open windows and had to stay indoors. It started on Saturday June 22, 2013 and got worse when we woke up on Monday morning. My daughter didn't go to school. We could see the thick haze from outside our window and balcony. The Mont Kiara buildings and skyline were blurry and foggy-like.

By Wednesday June 26, my daughter had fever. I don't associate that to the haze, I suspect it was because of the flu. We decided to drive to the doctor's office. After a trip to the doctor, my daughter wanted her cheesy pasta treat so we passed by Wendy's at Mont Kiara. As you already know, my daughter loves the Wendy's Cheese Mushroom melt pasta. I am amazed at how she can finish one order of that... while for other food she usually eats slow. After days being trapped at home, we decided to just eat there inside Wendy's, for a different ambience!

As always, I was quite satisfied with their hamburger, which in my view is better than McDonald's. Meanwhile daughter was happy with her pasta. As we were half way through the meal, the waiter walked by and gave us three face masks.  What a great initiative by Wendy's which is much appreciated especially during these times!

Wendy's Mont Kiara gave away face masks to all its patrons
A thoughtful gesture

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