Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fat Boys Burger Bar at Publika: Will It Make You Fat?

Sunday lunch time, I didn't feel like cooking or eating at home. For some reason, I was craving for some serious burger -- and Wendy's (which is across the street just won't cut it). Though I must say for regular burger cravings, it is a good compromise.

Fat Boys Burger
at 12:30noon on Sunday, you could still get a seat
As I waited for hubby to get ready, I had some spare time to search online for other burger places I may not know of, and I landed with several. The most prominent and the one that really got me curious is My Burger Lab (Facebook Site HERE). I saw the photos of the queue the store has even before opening time. Too bad they open only at 5pm, else I would have requested hubby to drive us all the way to Petaling Jaya to taste one of its burgers. One distinct thing I saw was that they made their own bread, which was charcoal black, and I wonder how that would taste like together with those juicy beef patties. I will have to hold my curiosity for now, as I cannot imagine driving all the way there, then having to queue up (especially in my current pregnant state). 
We had to settle for something closer to home, the nearby Publika which is just minutes away. We have been to Fat Boys Burger before, and I believe this is the 3rd visit. I recall the first 2 rounds were "WOW" for me -- I was amazed with the burgers and milkshake. However, I must quickly say that this time around, it was, well, just OKAY for me. Was it my pregnant taste buds? Or perhaps reading all those blog entries about other burger joints? Or maybe they changed their cooking? I don't know really. It was okay -- meaning it wasn't out of this world kind of experience, yet it was not disappointing either.

The place was not yet full when we arrived at 12:30noon, we could get seats easily plus they have baby chair, which is good. The waiter was attentive and I would say the service here is quite okay.

I decided to be more adventurous than usual and went ahead to order some Beer Battered Onion Rings. I also ordered additional Bleu Cheese sauce with that. The sauce was nice, though that was additional RM2. The onion rings were okay -- a bit on the oily side. Sinful and okay every now and then. It was nice with the Bleu Cheese sauce alternated with the BBQ sauce that came with it.

Here's a rundown on our order and my comments:
  • The Fat Basterd Burger - this is their ultimate burger I guess, unless you build your own out-of-this-world combination. I find this is very hard to eat, the stack was too high, and definitely not for 1 person to finish else you really end up becoming a fat boy! The fries that came with it was nice
  • The Classic Royale Burger- a toned down burger version which is more realistic to eat with your two hands, if you are the type who would like to hold the burger as you chomp it down. It said on the menu it came with caramelized onions -- though in my opinion they should add more of it as I found it too little to my taste. Also came with nice fries
  • Bleu Cheese sauce - the additional RM2 was worth it, as we used it to dip the onion rings as well as fries. 
  • Chocolate Milkshake - this was okay -- I was imagining something better than Ben's, but it turned out to be okay. A bit too thick at the start. I was blown away by their Strawberry Milkshake on my 1st visit, which was probably 9 months ago... however today their milkshake just didn't have that effect. I would go to Ben's for some decent milkshake.
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings - again, oily and killer. The bleu cheese sauce mixed with BBQ sauce made it really tasty. Though I would recommend this for the non-health conscious folks. Or at least taken once a year perhaps?
  • Would go back if I am craving desperately for some thick burgers. Else if the craving is too much I could just walk over to Wendy's for quick fix. If I was not pregnant, I would have waited and braved the queue of that much talked about Burger Bar at PJ
  • The burger I had at Plan B last week was equally good. I couldn't remember the price though. The Plan B fries were less yummy than the wedges at Fat Boys.
  • Food quality = 8/10  Burgers were decent, though not out of this world.
  • Service = 8/10  The waiter was attentive and knew his stuff. Toddler-friendly as they have baby chairs available
  • Price = 8/10  Price is okay, not too pricey, decent pricing. Just wish they gave more sauce though for the price you pay.
  • Location = 9/10  Publika is very convenient for us since we live nearby

Menu of Fat Boys Burger
The other side of the Menu of Fat Boys Burger
Interior of Fat Boys Burger - they have bar stool seats
Drinks Menu of Fat Boys Burger

Beer Battered Onion Rings
Bleu Cheese Sauce and BBQ Sauce went well with it
We had to order the Blue Cheese sauce separately and paid RM2 extra for it
Sinful Chocolate Milkshake
It was okay ... I preferred the milkshake at Ben's. This was too thick to my taste
Fat Basterd -- the most killer burger in Fat Boys (i think!)
Had trouble finishing it -- I think this is meant for 2 people to share!
Classic Royale Burger - with some caramelized onions inside
Though I feel they should add more of the onions, didn't get to eat a lot of that in the burger
Close up of the Fat Basterd -- double layer beef patties with egg and bacon inside
Bill for 3 adults. My daughter didn't eat the food there, we brought some food for her.
Facade of Fat Boys Burger Bar at Publika (near the outdoor square plaza, located near BEN's)

Fat Boys Burger Bar (opposite Ben's)
Lot 30 Level G2
Number 1 Solaris Dutamas, Publika Mall
Jalan Dutamas, 50480 KL
Tel 03-6206-1352
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm
    Facebook Page HERE

    Friday, July 26, 2013

    Summer Holiday: Lots of Fun at Holiday Camp @ Young Explorer Mont Kiara

    Because of my pregnancy, we are stuck here in Kuala Lumpur for the summer holidays instead of enjoying the beautiful landscapes of South of France. Now that my daughter is on her holiday break, I was racking my brains on what to do with her so that she can enjoy and learn something new since we have to stay in KL.
    Plank where they start off with the Flying Fox
    A friend suggested we check out Young Explorer in One Mont Kiara. I knew about it way back, however at that time my daughter was about 2.5 years old which was too young for such activities. Now that she is 3.5 years old, I think it's time to bring here there for an adventure. It proved to be good decision. It was hours of pure fun, starting off from 9:30am all the way to 1pm on a Wednesday.
    We saw the holiday camp schedule and picked out the Rocket Ship theme, since 2 of her school friends have signed up for the same day. When I inquired with the lady in charge, she said we could leave our kids in the morning (the holiday camp started at 9:30am). However, on the day itself, we (me and my friends who had their little girls attending the holiday camp) couldn't get ourselves to leave them. Why? Because they were the youngest in class, and because there we rough older boys involved in the holiday program. I was not confident with the number of teachers they have on hand as opposed to the number of students they accepted for the holiday camp. So, the three moms ended up staying from 9:30am to 1pm.

    Don't get me wrong. Despite the wrong expectations and surprises, we all had fun. The adventure area where there are wooden planks and rope bridges provided lots of fun (and also heart-attack moments for us) as we thought our kids are too fragile for it. We were proven wrong as they climbed up and down, and my daughter even did the "flying fox" where she just held on to something and it zipped by. More info on their Adventure Maze HERE.

    For the adventure maze, the kids had to wear rubber shoes so they could run around safely in the wooden maze. They played for about an hour here and after a while in that area, I was bit more relieved. The only worry was falling off while they were climbing up. Again, with the number of students who signed up for holiday camp, plus they mixed all ages from 3 years old to 6 years old, we find that the number of staff was not sufficient. Hence, if you have a young daughter, I suggest you stay behind to supervise and look after her.

    After the Adventure maze, they had classroom time where they explained to children about rocket ships. After which they built their own rockets. The classroom time was about 1.5 hours, so the moms went out for a short coffee break and when we came back, we found the kids on the outdoor area (at the top floor of One Mont Kiara) where they were launching off their rockets! That was a spectacle and they did have fun watching the rockets launch one by one. 

    Last, they had fun running around, jumping and tumbling at the Gymnastics Gym area. They also inflated a rubber platform where the kids jumped around. They split the group into 2, and had some teachers helping to lead the activities. It was fun, my only fear was my little girl will be squished by the 6-year old naughty, active boy who was also part of her group. Apart from that, I think the Gymnastics Gym was fab! It reminded me of her Gymboree days, with the colorful surroundings and padded floors. 

    I paid RM95 for a one-day holiday camp. It was worth it!

    My daughter pulling the flying fox after 2 rounds
    Independent Girl!
    Rope Bridges
    Brave little girl crossing the rope bridge
    Classroom where they learned about rockets and made their own little rocket
    The kids launched their own rockets outside
    Gym time... my daughter loved it!
    2 kinds of beams - high and low ones for kids to cross and balance
    Crossing the bar bridge -- my daughter was adventurous!

    Young Explorer Gym
    Website HERE

    3rd Floor of One Mont Kiara, KL

    03-6411 0288

    Living Simple: Will You Be Happier?

    Recently, several articles from different sources have caught my attention and got me thinking. Living a simple life, or becoming a minimalist, seems to be picking up -- and more people are sharing their life experiences.

    The reason why this suddenly becomes more relevant in my life is perhaps dropping out of the rat race and slowing down my lifestyle. I know, I am one of those lucky people who can drop out of work and stay at home with my daughter (thank you hubby!). However, the living simple mantra is not just for people like myself. Even people who are still in the working world or entrepreneurship can also follow that path, simplify their lives and be happier.

    One article that really got me thinking is from the New York Times, ARTICLE HERE. It talks about a guy who was successful in his field, eventually acquiring so many material things, only to find out that it stressed him out more than it made him happy. Some of the lines that jumped out to me in the article:

    "I like material things as much as anyone.... I'm into gadgets, clothing and all kinds of things. But my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support."

    Another one liner that hit the spot: "My space is small. My life is big."

    A separate magazine article I read also made a good point. With the help of technology, we are able to downsize some of the things in our life. In the old days, people collected cassette tapes and CD's of their favorite music. Now we have the iPod which can contain thousands of songs, much more beyond out physical collection. Others have a library of books, which now can be replaced by Kindle or iBooks. Hundreds of important files -- like banking, insurance and other documents in our old filing cabinets can now be saved on the hard drive or through cloud computing. And lastly, things that are dear to us: photos, music, documents, files and the likes are now stored in one place -- your laptop or tablet. With the advent of these advanced technology, we do not need to leave the modern life in order to live simply.

    Becoming minimalist is taking centre stage as more and more things go back to simple designs. The popularity of Apple and Google are good examples. Simplicity has its appeal and the "cult of less" is starting to gain momentum. In the past, we were governed by messages like "consumption is good", as well as "buy this as it will make you happier". The end result of that? Many people look back at the time and money they spent and wonder if it was all worth it. Unfortunate people even end up in debt.

    For women like me, who used to love shopping -- from designer bags that depreciate, high heels that are actually hard to wear, and clothes that go out of season, things are starting to get clearer. Maybe it's age. Or maybe it is going with the times. I am more aware of my purchases, thinking thoroughly, carefully. I am less impulsive. Bigger purchases take more time and discussion (with hubby). I also tried to get rid of some of my "heavy load". I sold some of my designer bags and it found its way to new homes and owners who appreciated the fact that they are so well-maintained. I also sold off my daughter's well-maintained clothes and shoes which were bought mostly from Europe and Manila. That led me to discover that there are many practical moms out there who would buy second hand items for their kids. Several moms bought my stuff and thanked me for the good price and superb quality. I felt happy that my daughter's stuff now has a second life -- and it will make some other little girl pretty & content! Now that I am having my second baby, I have embraced this new mantra. I don't mind hand-me-down's and second hand stuff -- I am more practical than when I started. I am enlightened!

    What then are the new generation spending on, if not material things? Apart from technology, the Gen-Y friends I have seem to be living it up with travel, most especially with the era of cheap & low cost airlines. I can see their photos & travel logs from Facebook, going to places that were beyond reach years ago if you didn't have loads of cash. I myself have thanked the heavens for low-cost airlines. I personally think that holidays are forever cherished as opposed to material things, therefore the money spent behind those memories are a priceless.

    Speaking about traveling, in the old days when I used to travel, I spent too much time on shopping. You do get the "shopping high" feeling especially as I was not shopping in my home country -- which made it all the more exciting. However, as I reflect back on my numerous travels -- those Singapore and U.S. shopping trips versus the Europe relax-and-enjoy-every-moment, I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, that reminiscing those beautiful moments in Europe wins. The stuff I bought from those shopping trips eventually wore off its luster -- especially as I grew older and moved from Manila to Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Those materials things were soon forgotten, given away or left behind. While the memories of the breath-taking sceneries, the scrumptious (as well as cheap) meals and cuddling moments with hubby, will forever remain in my mind & heart.

    My own conclusion, as well as the numerous testaments, studies & proof that you can easily access from the internet, show simplicity can bring happiness. The next time you walk into a "SALE" and grab stuff that you don't actually need, stop & pause for a moment. Do you really need that new high heels or new shirt to make you happy, when you actually have enough stuff in your closet.

    May you find minimalism in your life, too. All the best!

    Targeted Advertising on Facebook: Does it Work? It did for me!

    I wrote an article for Digital News Asia, and reposting it here. It's about my experience on Facebook advertising and how it convinced me to finally order something online!

    The effectiveness of targeted advertising on Facebook

    Anabelle Co-MartinentJul 05, 2013
    • It’s easier to ignore those right-hand ads, but Suggested Posts can be strangely compelling
    • It all depends on Facebook’s analytics, and being in the right place at the right time
    FACEBOOK has evolved a lot over time. I was one of those who hopped onto the bandwagon early on, in 2007.

    Back then it was simple. I uploaded photos (slowly, via the not-too-sophisticated upload method, and we could only do it one by one) and added friends sparingly as the rest of the population started discovering the new social network craze.

    Fast-forward to today, 2013. Many things have changed – both for Facebook and for myself.

    I stopped working a while back, quit my fast-paced and stressful job and settled to be a stay-at-home mom for the meantime (no, I am not a tai-tai).

    Today, this popular social network is my tool to stay in touch with the world – with my family foremost, and then to catch up with the rest on what they are up to.

    Even the way I am accessing it has changed dramatically – more on the mobile compared with back in the day when I did on the PC.

    Which brings me to the topic of advertising.

    When Facebook introduced ads on the right-hand side (when accessed through the computer), honestly, I never bothered to click. Ever. They do advertise interesting things, but I just never bothered. Back then, I was too busy working.

    I’m still not interested in clicking on the ads now, despite the free time on my hands. It just turns me off knowing consciously that it is an ad.

    Then, a miracle happened.

    Magically, I would get ‘suggested posts’ on my timeline, whether I was on my mobile or accessing through my MacBook. Because of their positioning, I have no choice but to see the post.

    Do I hate it?  No, not really.  ‘Hate’ would be too much of a strong word. Most of it is uninteresting, and I would just skip through it.

    I suspect Facebook’s engine for analysing all this stuff is getting better because what I thought was impossible just happened to me … I ended up purchasing something!

    How did it all happen? I saw a suggested post, which came out at least three times in different days over a span of two weeks. I got curious after seeing the significant number of likes it had and read some of the comments.

    After its third appearance on my timeline, I finally clicked on the link which brought me to the advertiser’s website. I quickly breezed through the contents of the site.

    Just at that moment, my three-year old daughter needed my attention and I abandoned my curiosity. However, that ‘suggested post’ had already succeeded in planting a seed of interest.

    The suggested post I saw was about ordering a personalised CD. I have never been a fan of CDs. I rarely bought them at the store ages ago when they were all the rage.

    This one was different though. It had the Disney Princesses singing and mentioning my daughter’s name in each song.

    Parents are such softies when it comes to these things! Seizing the moment one quiet evening with my husband, I brought up the subject of what I saw.

    I asked him to look through my Facebook timeline to check it out, and he looked at the linked site more thoroughly than I did. He then brought me the good news: Reasonable price and the possibility of shipping to Malaysia.

    With that, the deal was sealed. He ordered online and we are waiting for the shipment.

    It is amazing how a ‘suggested post’ works better than an ad on the right-hand side, when in fact both are paid-for ads in reality.

    What exactly is a suggested post?

    The ads themselves are simple and appear almost like a friend’s update, which makes us more receptive. The difference: There is a ‘Like Page’ tab situated after the username, and it displays statistics within a one-liner (number of likes, comments and shares). Right beside the quick statistics, it also declares in grey fonts the word ‘Sponsored.’

    It works almost like a friend’s page: When you hover over the username, it shows you a quick pop-up preview of its thumbnail and cover photo, a miniaturised version of the top of the brand’s page.

    A slight difference on the pop-up: You get to see how many Likes it has and how many people are currently talking about it, plus quick-action tabs: Like, Message and Invite Friends.

    So, the question remains. Are the targeted ads via Suggested Post more effective?

    Like in all things in life, it’s really about being in the right place at the right time. In this case, that ‘Sing Along With Elmo’ post hit the spot.

    Anabelle Co-Martinent is an expatriate who loves the KL lifestyle. She carved out more than a decade of marketing with stints at companies like Microsoft, HP and Nokia, plus a short media adventure with BFM 89.9. She is currently enjoying her time off doing the things she loves and can be reached at her blog:
    - See more at:

    Thursday, July 25, 2013

    One Utama Fun For Toddler on Weekday

    It was time for our Honda car servicing, and once again we went back to the friendly service of the Honda Damansara (Mofaz) branch. We had the 930am appointment, which was perfect. I noticed there are less people than usual, perhaps because of the Ramadan period. They checked the car and we just had to wait a little bit, then the Mofaz car shuttle service to 1 Utama was there waiting for us at 10am.

    We were off to 1 Utama for a short fun morning, for me and my toddler. One of the pleasant surprise we had was the water area outside 1 Utama, which is accessible via the exit nearby McDonald's and KFC (at the basement). There are 4 water gun stations and several water fountains to keep them busy for a few minutes. If you have extra clothes then I guess you won't mind your toddler getting wet.

    Apart from water fun, another highlight of our 1 Utama visit would be the Candylicious outlet which is so colorful. My daughter is always attracted to go into that shop -- and I don't blame her. If I were back in my childhood, this would be heaven on earth for me. All the beautiful colors, not to mention the unlimited selection of candies, lollipops and chocolates all over the place! I had to resist buying anything for myself... and instead allowed my daughter buy a small bag of jelly beans. Then, mommy had a little treat which is the Garrett popcorn. This time I tried the mix version -- cheese with caramel. I usually just buy the caramel bag but it seems my daughter prefer the cheesy version (I guess it's because she is French? haha).

    Overall, passing the 2 hours at One Utama was ultra fast. Next thing we know, it was 12:15 noon, which is the pick up time for the Mofaz shuttle. A nice way to pass the time while waiting for the car servicing.

    Water fun area at One Utama (accessible via exit near McDonalds and KFC at basement)
    Water fun at One Utama
    My daughter spraying away
    Water feature near McDonalds and KFC at One Utama
    Lollipop Heaven at Candylicious One Utama
    Lollipos galore at Candylicious
    Different kinds of KitKat!
    Chocolates and more!
    Jellybeans - so many colors!
    Jelly Belly
    Garrett Popcorn located inside Candylicious
    Garrett Popcorn - my favorite caramel flavor
    Garrett Popcorn at One Utama
    RM17 for a small bag of Garrett Popcorn

    Swich Cafe Publika

    One of the lazy weekends in Publika, we decided to test out Swich, which seems to be popular for its cakes. With so many types to select from, we were a bit lost on which one to order.

    After some discussion with their Filipino waiters, we ended up ordering their Cempedak Tutti Fruitti cake, which comes with mangoes and toasted coconut. While we were there, I inquired what is cempedak -- and no one could explain it to me. Now that I am writing this entry, I did a bit of googling and discovered this is in fact looks a bit like the "langka" (in the Philippines that is what we call it). I am not sure though if it is one and the same. Anyway, this seems to be their award-winning cake. Honestly, my verdict was okay. Maybe because I don't like the fruity flavor in it. 

    Another cake we tried was something like a banoffee cake -- a mix of chocolate and some bananas. This scored better on our taste, both for me and hubby. He also took a cup of coffee, which was at best average (in our opinion).

    A nice place to hang out and pass the time away people-watching at Publika.

    Swich Cafe is located beside Baby Loft, which is one escalator up from the Apple store and Wondermilk shop. It's not exactly a restaurant in itself. It is freely located in the middle of a walkway area, which adds to its casual feel.

    Would we go back? Maybe. However, I will do a little bit more research before ordering so that I can end up with the heavenly cake that will match our taste.

    Swich Cafe Publika
    Level G3 Publika (take the escalator near Wondermilk / Apple Store)
    Tel: 018-599 5152
    Opening Hours: 10 am to 10 pm daily

    Swich Cafe located at the walkway beside Baby Loft
    Banoffee Cake with Coffee
    Banoffee Cake which was good
    Swich Cafe's famous Cempedak cake. It was nice and different, however it's not something I would order again.
    We found it on the "dry side", perhaps this is how other people like their cake.

    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    Living Food Bistro & Cafe Review

    Back when I was working at BFM 89.9 Radio station, we had the chance to talk to the owner of Living Food and he brought some food samples for us. Today, we decided to drop by his bistro to check out the food for ourselves.

    We arrived around 10am on a Saturday morning. Parking was very easy, as there is ample parking at Menara Tan & Tan building at basement 1. At that time, only one table was occupied inside the bistro, while you see many, many people dining at Antipodean.

    I must admit, it is easier to choose less healthy food. Sometimes too healthy can be unappealing, and the temptation to just walk into Antipodean (something which we are used to, plus they have pork bacon) was enormous. We came for Living Food, and we are going to eat there.

    We were greeted by Filipino waiters who were friendly. The cafe-bistro looked cozy and clean. Plus they has some toys which kept my little girl interested (for a while). They also had a baby chair available, which was good.

    I must be honest. Initially when you look over the menu, you will be at a loss. Hubby was also a bit lost. We were not sure which food is raw or less cooked or organic or the real thing. I mean there are signs noting which ones are vegan and which ones have egg in them -- which is great for people on a strict diet. However, initially when I asked about the Banana Almond pancake which was on the 1st page, the girl waitress (the only one who wasn't Filipino) told me it was a "something" pocket. She repeated something I couldn't remember except for the word "pocket", though I didn't understand what she meant. In the end, she told me it was not the "real" pancake I was hoping for... hmmm... ordering will be tricky and expectations will probably have some mismatch somewhere. Now that I look at their MENU on their website I realize what she meant is crepe.

    So what happened in the end, we ordered the following with its corresponding notes on what we felt:

    • Hot Toast with butter - the wholemeal toast were delivered warm, which we like. Also it came with butter and some cream (with herbs). My daughter enjoyed eating the bread with butter. We also ate some of it as appetizers as we waited for the rest of the food to arrive
    • Bake Oat Lasagna - this is hubby's order, which is the unusual one. I mean oatmeal always reminds us of breakfast while lasagna is always a heavy meal in itself for lunch or dinner. Now the cross-breed of oatmeal and lasagna ... well, it was tasty. It was different. It had egg in it. The oats are made into a form of lasagna sheets
    • Blueberry pancakes - my order. It came with maple syrup, banana & strawberry cut fruits and also some butter. It was tasty and I enjoyed eating it with the butter and syrup that came with it. My daughter refused to try it. The blueberry were hidden inside the pancake. Tasty and on the firm sign. Not the usual fluffy pancakes I am used to.
    • Borneo Drip Coffee - hubby had this black coffee, which was not too strong. I took a sip. Pleasant and nice. 
    • Orange juice - we ordered 2 glasses of this. It came in a nice-looking glass and straw.
    • Salty Caramel Gateau - this really came as a surprise to us. I guess I am used to a certain form and taste when I see the word "gateau" or cake. It was a small little cake which was made of nuts or grains or something grainy. Don't get me wrong, it was still tasty and light. Will satisfy your tastebuds if you look for something sweet after a meal -- just not sinful and sugar-loaded like other cakes.
    It was a different kind of brunch for us. Worth visiting. Though if we visit again we will surely try other food items. By the time we left around 11am, there were more customers in Living Food -- some doing take-away, others dining in. Of course it still does not compare to the throngs of expats walking in and out of neighbor Antipodean... the lure of normal food and good coffee is still very attractive and strong.

    I would highly recommend this place to vegetarians and people who need to watch their diet. As well as people who are turning a new leaf. I highly believe that we all need to start eating healthy -- though I am a normal person like you -- still falling for my cravings like char siew, noodles and pasta, rice dishes, and desserts. Everything in moderation as they say.

    Ambience - 8/10 very simple decor and clean bisto. With access to the building's toilet facilities

    Food - 8/10 for our orders today, they were tasty though I suspect there are other better must-try ones 

    Service - 9/10 friendly waiters are willing to help and welcome you as you enter

    Below you will see more pictures of our food adventure. 

    Entrance of Living Food at Menara Tan & Tan
    Living Food located side-by-side with Antipodean in Menara Tan & Tan
    The Menu of Living Food
    They have notes below for Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy, etc
    Some of the specials of the day, written on the blackboard
    Interior of Living Food
    Shelves full of organic stuff for sale
    They serve water immediately whilst you decide on your order
    Orange Juice in a nice container
    Bake Oat Lasagna - hubby had this one. Good taste though initially you might feel akward
    because it is the first time we are tasting oats with lasagna style cooking
    My blueberry pancake came with fruits, maple syrup and butter.
    Salty Caramel Gateau - far from what I expected of a Salted Caramel cake.
    It was made of nuts-like consistency. It was yummy and filling. Less guilty than a real cake!
    Bill for 2 adults and 1 child.
    Borneo Drip Coffee which my husband ordered
    Light black coffee (according to him he thought it would be stronger)

    My daughter munching on the bread with butter
    Parking rates at Menara Tan & Tan. We paid RM4.50 for the meal visit this Saturday
    Living Food
    Ground Floor Menara Tan & Tan Jalan Tun Razak, KL
    Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm
    Dinner on Thursdays to Saturday 6pm-10pm

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