Sunday, July 07, 2013

Chinoz At The Park KLCC: A Late Lunch Review

Having a pleasant Sunday. Apart from my mom visiting us here in Kuala Lumpur, we had an unexpected fun-filled day at KLCC.

We had our late breakfast at Acme Bar (see separate review for that). After which we decided to go for a leisure "jalan-jalan" or walk-walk around the mall in Suria KLCC. I haven't been back there for a while, since I stopped working at the city centre, so it was an overdue visit.

We arrived at KLCC about 12:15 noon, and parking was fairly easy at this time. I guess the crowd has not yet arrived (or probably on their way?). We walked around trying to decide what exactly we should do to kill time and entertain (both my mom and my little girl). In the end, we decided to check out Petrosains located at the top floor of Suria KLCC. You won't believe this but we ended up spending 3 hours inside that place. I have a separate review for that and to summarize -- it is a good place to kill time if you have a toddler!

As we finished the science adventure at Petrosains, we started to get hungry (naturally, it was 4pm!). So we headed to Chinoz at the Park for some late-lunch food (and probably last and result to no dinner tonight). 

The pleasant stuff about this place:
  • Good service from most of the staff. Though some of them were too eager in cleaning up plates
  • Baby friendly: They had baby seat / high chairs. Plus incorporated in their menu: they have kids menu which will surely satisfy your little one. My girl wanted chicken nuggets, and voila, they had it in their menu!
  • Extensive food menu which will satisfy people like me, with options like Japanese food, different pasta, western variations and some local flavor
  • Nice ambience plus they have their own toilet inside the restaurant. No need to go outside to wash your hands. Convenient especially for the parents who have toddlers
  • Great view! You can choose to sit inside or outside... and you have a nice view of the fountains once it turns on. Also good for people watching.
  • Things we enjoyed: the iced peach tea, the juice options they have, plus the fish and chips which was of high quality (cod fish)
It was a good choice for our late lunch at KLCC. Definitely recommended for parents with toddlers who are looking for good service, easy access to toilet, near the fountains and good food.

Fun Sunday at KLCC
Chicken Nuggets for my little girl
Our Drinks and Daddy cutting up the chicken nuggets
Eye Opener Juice (mixed fruits), Iced Peach Tea and Sparkling Water
Iced Peach Tea
Carbonara Pasta - first time I saw a Carbonara pasta which was overloaded with bacon (turkey bacon)
Fish and Chips was very tasty -- because this is cod fish fish & chips
Salad for Daddy - he said way too much vinaigrette to his taste. Sala quality was good.
Bright Ambience
Attentive waiters at Chinoz at the Park
Bill for 3 adults and 1 toddler during our late lunch on a Sunday

Chinoz at the Park - very near the entrance of KLCC (near the fountains)
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

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