Monday, July 15, 2013

Croisette Cafe Revisit: French Cuisine That is Truly Affordable

While mommy is in town, we decided to bring her to one of the simple places we have discovered that whips up authentic French food sans the snobbery. Croisette Cafe is tucked and hidden away in an old condo (Cascadium) poolside and for sure food lovers will find their way there despite its location. I was lucky it was pointed out to me by my French teacher from Alliance Francaise.

The cafe is simple, do not expect fancy stuff. You can see the simplicity the minute you walk into the restaurant. They have one Chinese staff taking orders (and I think he was also cooking inside the kitchen). Do not expect speedy service, just like when you eat in French restaurants. We arrived about 11:30am and we walked out of the restaurant close to 2pm!

For a Saturday lunch, they were almost full. I was surprised. The last time we came we were the only customers... and this time only 1 table was left empty throughout our whole lunch meal.

  • Duck confit is a must try in my opinion. It is not something I would like to eat often, but whenever I get the chance to find an authentic French place, I would try it. And here, it was served well at a good price. Must try.
  • The beef bourguignon is also very good, according to my hubby's French standards. 
  • The desserts are interesting, usually out of the ordinary so make room for that. They have some special dessert which are not on the menu (check out the blackboard) or ask for recommendation from the French owner.
  • You can order a bottle of sparkling water (Spritzer) at a reasonable price. 
  • Reasonable french cuisine price
  • They have specials (appetizers and mains) that change every now and then (written on the blackboard)

  • Waiter - I pity him that he is alone, however he was not very knowledgable about the stuff we were asking. Also, he looked kind of stressed and sweaty when serving us.
  • Food service - it took quite a while for the food to come out. We are okay with it because we were leisurely eating the time away... however if you are in a hurry maybe you might find the service too long. Perhaps on weekdays they are faster because they expect more customers and maybe they have an additional staff?
  • Toilet - because this is an old condominium, don't expect a fancy toilet. They had only one toilet at the poolside, and the flush was not working or had very little water flushing. Bummer for people who need to use the toilet whilst enjoying their French meal.
Definitely a keeper for our French cuisine fix. We will visit again.

Ambience = 7/10 very simple decor

Food Quality = 9/10 good French cuisine at affordable price 

Service = 7/10 very slow service though it is okay if you are here for a leisurely lunch and don't mind a long wait

Hubby happy and satisfied after he finished his meal (notice the clean dessert plate)
Mushroom Soup served with a piece of bread
My favorite - we came here especially to get my fix of Confit de Canard (Duck Confit)
which usually means you need to go to a fine dining place to eat ... and here you can get it easily.
It didn't disappoint. Once again, the Duck Confit satisfied me!
Beef Bourguignon - beef cooked with wine served with potatoes
Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his order with a glass of white wine
Little Snow White enjoying her mushroom soup as she dipped the bread in it

Smoked Salmon Pasta with Cream Sauce, very nice and tasty
Nougat ice cream - very unique

Hubby's coffee, our ice cream which is made from nougat, chocolate cake and my daughter enjoying dipping her bread in the mushroom soup
My daughter came in her Snow White dress because it was a present from Grandma
She was free to roam around in the cafe and outside -- which provides good entertainment for toddlers
Starter - we loved the goat cheese salad which was tasty. Reminded me of my mother-in-law's cooking
when I was vacationing in France

Chocolate Cake - very sinful and rich. Hubby said it was perfect with his espresso coffee

Total bill for 4 adults and 1 toddler
Reminder: bring CASH as they don't accept credit cards

Croisette Cafe
Cascadium Condo Jalan Penaga, Bangsar, KL
Very near Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC)
Take the lift to level 3 at the poolside

Tel: 014-6657944
Or you can make reservations via their Facebook site HERE
Very interesting lunch sets on weekdays
Quiet and easy to get a seat on weekends

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