Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fat Boys Burger Bar at Publika: Will It Make You Fat?

Sunday lunch time, I didn't feel like cooking or eating at home. For some reason, I was craving for some serious burger -- and Wendy's (which is across the street just won't cut it). Though I must say for regular burger cravings, it is a good compromise.

Fat Boys Burger
at 12:30noon on Sunday, you could still get a seat
As I waited for hubby to get ready, I had some spare time to search online for other burger places I may not know of, and I landed with several. The most prominent and the one that really got me curious is My Burger Lab (Facebook Site HERE). I saw the photos of the queue the store has even before opening time. Too bad they open only at 5pm, else I would have requested hubby to drive us all the way to Petaling Jaya to taste one of its burgers. One distinct thing I saw was that they made their own bread, which was charcoal black, and I wonder how that would taste like together with those juicy beef patties. I will have to hold my curiosity for now, as I cannot imagine driving all the way there, then having to queue up (especially in my current pregnant state). 
We had to settle for something closer to home, the nearby Publika which is just minutes away. We have been to Fat Boys Burger before, and I believe this is the 3rd visit. I recall the first 2 rounds were "WOW" for me -- I was amazed with the burgers and milkshake. However, I must quickly say that this time around, it was, well, just OKAY for me. Was it my pregnant taste buds? Or perhaps reading all those blog entries about other burger joints? Or maybe they changed their cooking? I don't know really. It was okay -- meaning it wasn't out of this world kind of experience, yet it was not disappointing either.

The place was not yet full when we arrived at 12:30noon, we could get seats easily plus they have baby chair, which is good. The waiter was attentive and I would say the service here is quite okay.

I decided to be more adventurous than usual and went ahead to order some Beer Battered Onion Rings. I also ordered additional Bleu Cheese sauce with that. The sauce was nice, though that was additional RM2. The onion rings were okay -- a bit on the oily side. Sinful and okay every now and then. It was nice with the Bleu Cheese sauce alternated with the BBQ sauce that came with it.

Here's a rundown on our order and my comments:
  • The Fat Basterd Burger - this is their ultimate burger I guess, unless you build your own out-of-this-world combination. I find this is very hard to eat, the stack was too high, and definitely not for 1 person to finish else you really end up becoming a fat boy! The fries that came with it was nice
  • The Classic Royale Burger- a toned down burger version which is more realistic to eat with your two hands, if you are the type who would like to hold the burger as you chomp it down. It said on the menu it came with caramelized onions -- though in my opinion they should add more of it as I found it too little to my taste. Also came with nice fries
  • Bleu Cheese sauce - the additional RM2 was worth it, as we used it to dip the onion rings as well as fries. 
  • Chocolate Milkshake - this was okay -- I was imagining something better than Ben's, but it turned out to be okay. A bit too thick at the start. I was blown away by their Strawberry Milkshake on my 1st visit, which was probably 9 months ago... however today their milkshake just didn't have that effect. I would go to Ben's for some decent milkshake.
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings - again, oily and killer. The bleu cheese sauce mixed with BBQ sauce made it really tasty. Though I would recommend this for the non-health conscious folks. Or at least taken once a year perhaps?
  • Would go back if I am craving desperately for some thick burgers. Else if the craving is too much I could just walk over to Wendy's for quick fix. If I was not pregnant, I would have waited and braved the queue of that much talked about Burger Bar at PJ
  • The burger I had at Plan B last week was equally good. I couldn't remember the price though. The Plan B fries were less yummy than the wedges at Fat Boys.
  • Food quality = 8/10  Burgers were decent, though not out of this world.
  • Service = 8/10  The waiter was attentive and knew his stuff. Toddler-friendly as they have baby chairs available
  • Price = 8/10  Price is okay, not too pricey, decent pricing. Just wish they gave more sauce though for the price you pay.
  • Location = 9/10  Publika is very convenient for us since we live nearby

Menu of Fat Boys Burger
The other side of the Menu of Fat Boys Burger
Interior of Fat Boys Burger - they have bar stool seats
Drinks Menu of Fat Boys Burger

Beer Battered Onion Rings
Bleu Cheese Sauce and BBQ Sauce went well with it
We had to order the Blue Cheese sauce separately and paid RM2 extra for it
Sinful Chocolate Milkshake
It was okay ... I preferred the milkshake at Ben's. This was too thick to my taste
Fat Basterd -- the most killer burger in Fat Boys (i think!)
Had trouble finishing it -- I think this is meant for 2 people to share!
Classic Royale Burger - with some caramelized onions inside
Though I feel they should add more of the onions, didn't get to eat a lot of that in the burger
Close up of the Fat Basterd -- double layer beef patties with egg and bacon inside
Bill for 3 adults. My daughter didn't eat the food there, we brought some food for her.
Facade of Fat Boys Burger Bar at Publika (near the outdoor square plaza, located near BEN's)

Fat Boys Burger Bar (opposite Ben's)
Lot 30 Level G2
Number 1 Solaris Dutamas, Publika Mall
Jalan Dutamas, 50480 KL
Tel 03-6206-1352
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 11pm
    Facebook Page HERE

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