Friday, July 12, 2013

Lavender Cafe L. Table & Bakery at One Utama

Earlier I wrote about the pastries from Lavender's bakery (HERE), which are worth checking out. Price-wise and taste-wise, they are decent and often I am very happy with the choice of pastries they offer. Finally I had time to check out their nice looking cafe at One Utama.

My mom was craving for some clubhouse sandwich after our short shopping at One Utama. It was hard for me to pinpoint the proper place for a good clubhouse sandwich. I searched my brain for my database of food joints, and was thinking of that DAVE's Deli place which seemed like a sandwich place. As we walked towards Dave's, I quickly realized it was beside Lavender and thought maybe they would have some decent clubhouse in there. We first looked at the menu at Dave's Deli, and was not impressed. So we bought some pastries at the bakery of Lavender (so that my little one get to shop around and choose some bread). Then we went inside their L. Table which is the Lavender's Cafe Restaurant. The interior looked cozy and they had different seating available -- from comfortable couches to wooden seats.

On a weekday afternoon, it was not too crowded. The staff count was also low during these times, which was okay since we were not in a hurry anyway. The clubhouse sandwich was very good and I thanked the heavens for finding this place because I am not sure where else to find a decent version. It came with a personalize "L" wooden stick that held the sandwich together. And some nice fries which my little girl ate. The green tea (macha) was also nice as it didn't come with a teabag, instead, it was the powdered green tea.

Will we come back -- yes. One of these days we will probably explore their other food selection. The menu looked nice and interesting, with a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines.

Lavender Cafe interior - cozy 
Green Tea
Ramadan Special 2013
Decent Clubhouse - glad we came here!
Clubhouse with fries - perfect for a light afternoon snack

Bill for a light afternoon snack at Lavender Cafe in One Utama

L. Table at Lavender Bakery
Ground Floor 213 One Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

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