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Living Food Bistro & Cafe Review

Back when I was working at BFM 89.9 Radio station, we had the chance to talk to the owner of Living Food and he brought some food samples for us. Today, we decided to drop by his bistro to check out the food for ourselves.

We arrived around 10am on a Saturday morning. Parking was very easy, as there is ample parking at Menara Tan & Tan building at basement 1. At that time, only one table was occupied inside the bistro, while you see many, many people dining at Antipodean.

I must admit, it is easier to choose less healthy food. Sometimes too healthy can be unappealing, and the temptation to just walk into Antipodean (something which we are used to, plus they have pork bacon) was enormous. We came for Living Food, and we are going to eat there.

We were greeted by Filipino waiters who were friendly. The cafe-bistro looked cozy and clean. Plus they has some toys which kept my little girl interested (for a while). They also had a baby chair available, which was good.

I must be honest. Initially when you look over the menu, you will be at a loss. Hubby was also a bit lost. We were not sure which food is raw or less cooked or organic or the real thing. I mean there are signs noting which ones are vegan and which ones have egg in them -- which is great for people on a strict diet. However, initially when I asked about the Banana Almond pancake which was on the 1st page, the girl waitress (the only one who wasn't Filipino) told me it was a "something" pocket. She repeated something I couldn't remember except for the word "pocket", though I didn't understand what she meant. In the end, she told me it was not the "real" pancake I was hoping for... hmmm... ordering will be tricky and expectations will probably have some mismatch somewhere. Now that I look at their MENU on their website I realize what she meant is crepe.

So what happened in the end, we ordered the following with its corresponding notes on what we felt:

  • Hot Toast with butter - the wholemeal toast were delivered warm, which we like. Also it came with butter and some cream (with herbs). My daughter enjoyed eating the bread with butter. We also ate some of it as appetizers as we waited for the rest of the food to arrive
  • Bake Oat Lasagna - this is hubby's order, which is the unusual one. I mean oatmeal always reminds us of breakfast while lasagna is always a heavy meal in itself for lunch or dinner. Now the cross-breed of oatmeal and lasagna ... well, it was tasty. It was different. It had egg in it. The oats are made into a form of lasagna sheets
  • Blueberry pancakes - my order. It came with maple syrup, banana & strawberry cut fruits and also some butter. It was tasty and I enjoyed eating it with the butter and syrup that came with it. My daughter refused to try it. The blueberry were hidden inside the pancake. Tasty and on the firm sign. Not the usual fluffy pancakes I am used to.
  • Borneo Drip Coffee - hubby had this black coffee, which was not too strong. I took a sip. Pleasant and nice. 
  • Orange juice - we ordered 2 glasses of this. It came in a nice-looking glass and straw.
  • Salty Caramel Gateau - this really came as a surprise to us. I guess I am used to a certain form and taste when I see the word "gateau" or cake. It was a small little cake which was made of nuts or grains or something grainy. Don't get me wrong, it was still tasty and light. Will satisfy your tastebuds if you look for something sweet after a meal -- just not sinful and sugar-loaded like other cakes.
It was a different kind of brunch for us. Worth visiting. Though if we visit again we will surely try other food items. By the time we left around 11am, there were more customers in Living Food -- some doing take-away, others dining in. Of course it still does not compare to the throngs of expats walking in and out of neighbor Antipodean... the lure of normal food and good coffee is still very attractive and strong.

I would highly recommend this place to vegetarians and people who need to watch their diet. As well as people who are turning a new leaf. I highly believe that we all need to start eating healthy -- though I am a normal person like you -- still falling for my cravings like char siew, noodles and pasta, rice dishes, and desserts. Everything in moderation as they say.

Ambience - 8/10 very simple decor and clean bisto. With access to the building's toilet facilities

Food - 8/10 for our orders today, they were tasty though I suspect there are other better must-try ones 

Service - 9/10 friendly waiters are willing to help and welcome you as you enter

Below you will see more pictures of our food adventure. 

Entrance of Living Food at Menara Tan & Tan
Living Food located side-by-side with Antipodean in Menara Tan & Tan
The Menu of Living Food
They have notes below for Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy, etc
Some of the specials of the day, written on the blackboard
Interior of Living Food
Shelves full of organic stuff for sale
They serve water immediately whilst you decide on your order
Orange Juice in a nice container
Bake Oat Lasagna - hubby had this one. Good taste though initially you might feel akward
because it is the first time we are tasting oats with lasagna style cooking
My blueberry pancake came with fruits, maple syrup and butter.
Salty Caramel Gateau - far from what I expected of a Salted Caramel cake.
It was made of nuts-like consistency. It was yummy and filling. Less guilty than a real cake!
Bill for 2 adults and 1 child.
Borneo Drip Coffee which my husband ordered
Light black coffee (according to him he thought it would be stronger)

My daughter munching on the bread with butter
Parking rates at Menara Tan & Tan. We paid RM4.50 for the meal visit this Saturday
Living Food
Ground Floor Menara Tan & Tan Jalan Tun Razak, KL
Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm
Dinner on Thursdays to Saturday 6pm-10pm

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